Author: Amy Conry Davis

June Take 5

Kathy Sartarelli is is finding ways to bring out the best of UNCW

May Take 5

Jaime Andrews is inspiring positive change in the Port City

February Take 5

Co-founder of locally based Chein de Vin, a wine club for animal lovers

June Take 5

Endless possibilities are endless with Events and Watermark

May Take 5

Danielle Bauman offers five easy ways for a healthy lifestyle

Take 5

Biz tips from Ashley Tipper

Take 5

See what Lindsay Waltz of b.Branded Creative has in her purse.

Take 5

Celine Adair on the great outdoors

Take 5

Rachel Kaylor, account supervisor and social media extraordinaire at Sweeney, a local marketing and PR agency, talks shop about writing, shooting, and pinning her way through the limitless territories of virtual reality.

Building Blocks

Architect intern, Joshua Thomasson, discusses his work with LS3P

Sound Check

Interview with Trent Harrison of Hourglass Studios

Funny Guy

Wilmington comedian talks about his passion for making people laugh.

June Check Out

Justin Arlett on growing a new company as CEO of Arlett Financial

May Check Out

Patrick Basquill has grown up on the stages of Wilmington

April Check Out

For T.J. Drechsel, life is best enjoyed with simple pleasures and with their beautiful details sharply in focus.

March Check Out

Nate Dixon has business in his blood and he’s not afraid to work hard for it.

Sound Waves

JONES SMITH, musician with Phantom Playboys, Possum Creek and the Sunday Jam at Satellite, gives us a peek inside his thoughts.

August Checking Out

You only have to spend a few minutes with ALEX BRYANT to realize he’s not just another pretty face. His positive attitude and sense of humor is refreshing and a certain authenticity shines through this model’s photos. At a recent…