April Check Out

Picture Perfect

T.J. DRECHSEL is a self-proclaimed “perfectionist at heart,” and he takes great pride in it. In fact, he’s perfectly content to take his time and do things right in all the ways that he can: enjoying good food, learning yoga, spending time with family, or making photographs. For Drechsel, life is a fun journey, best enjoyed with simple pleasures and with their beautiful details sharply in focus.

“I grew up working for my dad, and he was a total perfectionist, so I learned from a young age about doing things right. If I put my name to it, it’s gonna be top notch.  I’m also the kind of person that always wants to be in tune with where I’m at – stay in touch with where my hopes and dreams are and what I’m doing about them.”

W: The beach and the outdoors, in general, are reflected a lot in your photography … is that your element?

TD: Yes, and that’s what brought me here from the Midwest. I’d rather sweat than freeze any day. My cousin ran the Oceanic restaurant for eighteen years, and it took one visit to come down and have a Dos (Equis) in hand, waves rolling in, sun setting. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

W: What’s your favorite gear?

TD: I am a true landscape lens shooter, so I’ve got my wide angle

17-40mm. I have the Canon 5D (camera) body, and I’ve picked up Photoshop. That took everything to a whole new level. I’ve been on a whirlwind of learning.

W: Do you have a dream photographic assignment?

TD: It’d be the South Pacific with Islands Magazine. It’s a travel magazine that just soaks you in. It stops you when you see the pictures. They’re the kinds of pictures I like to take. I want people to wanna dream to be there – to be able to put it up on their wall, and it takes them to a different place every time they need to be taken there.

W: I see that you like to include inspirational quotes with your photographs on your website. What’s your motto for life?

TD: I’m a huge believer in going after your dreams. My dream of photography was something I thought about for a long time, but I never actually did anything. Then I just started taking little steps, and it’s amazing how if you take one step towards a dream, that intention opens up doors that you never thought were going to open.

To view more of photographer Amy Conry Davis’ work, go to www.gypsypye.com.