Take 5

Interview with Lindsay Waltz of b.Branded Creative

You either love it or you hate it, but chances are you’ve been toting one around for years. WILMA took a minute to talk to Design Director Lindsay Waltz, owner of b.Branded Creative about what she’s got buried at the bottom of hers and her wish (and perhaps she’s not alone) to find a dream purse that cooks, babysits, and walks the dog.

Where do you usually look for purses?

Most of my purses I find at thrift stores. I prefer the thrill of the hunt for a vintage/unique purse over brand names.

What items should every woman keep in her purse?

Hand sanitizer, ChapStick, and business cards for unexpected networking opportunities.

If a stranger looked inside your purse, what three words do you think they’d use to describe the person who carries it?

Working mother, organized, prepared.

Handbag, clutch, carryall – do you have a certain name you use, or have you heard it called something odd or unique?

I call it a purse now, but I grew up with the women in my family calling it a pocketbook.

If I could custom design a purse it would have …

A secret kid-free compartment with no crayon bits or snack crumbs and an eject button for when my phone rings to save me from digging for it.


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