March's Take 5

Darcie Pettigrew, owner of Coastal Cleaning Solutions

For the past five years, DARCIE PETTIGREW, owner of COASTAL CLEANING SOLUTIONS NC, has provided cleaning services for homes and offices around Wilmington. If there’s anything she’s eager to share from her expertise it’s that cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag. Pettigrew shares five quick tips to tackle the house, room by room.

Kitchen – Spray your sink with a disinfectant daily. Let it soak for five minutes, then wipe clean with a magic eraser or sponge. Wipe your fixtures with a dry paper towel to remove fingerprints and watermarks – your sink will shine! Fill that old sponge up with water and cook in the microwave on high for four minutes. Sponge will be sanitized, and your microwave will be a quick wipe out to clean with steam. Living room – Fluff the pillows and cushions on your couch. This will make your room look tidy. Use a duster to give your baseboards a quick clean. This will knock that dust and pet hair down to vacuum up. Bathroom – Replace your shower liner regularly. Mold and mildew build up and need to be sanitized. On a budget? Throw your liner in the washer on gentle with bleach and hang dry. Throw those toothbrush and soap holders in the dishwasher with your next load. Bedroom – Declutter! Make your bed and fluff your pillows. Keep your bedside table clear with a bag or basket. Fill it with stuff you read, write, or use while in bed; slide it under the edge of your bed and bring it out at bedtime. Throughout the home – Create a peaceful and relaxing environment. Use an aromatic plug-in or candle. If you prefer scent free, go for fresh flowers near your entrance and in your kitchen. If you like it all, spruce up your space with both.”


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