March Take 5

Decor dame Jessica Pirone

JESSICA PIRONE studied art and business at the College of Charleston. She created her home staging company, Just Perfect!, in 2007 and later Pomp, for event furnishing. Today, she works alongside her sister, Rebecca, and just recently became a certified real estate agent to transform her business into a comprehensive home-buying experience.

If you could move anywhere in the world, where and why? “I love to travel, but there’s honestly no other place I’d rather live. Wilmington gives me family, beautiful surroundings, and great community.” How would you define your own home’s style?  “A work in progress. I like so many different styles, but I would say I’m creating a look that’s contemporary craftsman with a twist.” Can you give us one expert secret about staging and design?  “Color can completely transform any space. My secret is to use it to your advantage. Test a few different colors on large pieces of poster board and look at them in the room. Don’t go by how the colors look online or in-store because natural light, overhead lighting, and even colors of adjacent rooms can impact the tone and intensity of the color.”  If you could only own three belongings, what would they be? “I absolutely love my iPad. I could probably live with just that, but I would add my bike and a writing utensil.” What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? “I studied in Australia and went on lots of adventures that were out of my comfort zone. I chased crocodiles in a jon boat on a camping trip. We also woke up with wild boars, explored unmarked paths, and rappelled the Sydney (Harbour) Bridge on that trip. Loved it!”