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Giving Bac


For someone who’s only 25, LAFYON DONNELL already knows a great deal about leadership and responsibility. He also has a knack for following paths that seem to unfold magically in front of him, sending him on his way to interesting places.  In his military life, it’s destinations such as Hawaii, California, and Morocco. But here in Wilmington, his feet are planted firmly at North Fourth and Campbell streets, where he is assistant facilities manager of the Brooklyn Arts Center (BAC).

W: How did you come to work at the BAC?

LD:  I’m friends with Lucas Nathans (son of BAC owner David Nathans), and I came by to say hello one day and his dad said, ‘You wanna help out sometime?’ It went from sometime to earning a title and getting a little weight around here. It’s been nice.

W: You’re a jack-of-all-trades around here. Tell us about what you do.

LD: I help with event set-up (concerts, weddings, Art for All, Flea at the BAC), tend bar, teach youth classes for the 1888 Skate Club, maintenance, cleaning up, etc. I do it all.

W: Speaking of titles, you’re also in the military?

LD: Yes, the USMC Reserves for three and a half years. When I was at CFCC, my two roommates decided to join. We were your typical college students – free-spirited and no responsibility – but when they came back, they had changed in a great way. I thought about it, and after a while I decided to talk to a recruiter, and next thing you know I was at boot camp.

W: Why the Corps?

LD: I wanted to be the best – the leanest and meanest. And the dress blue uniform.

W: What part of your military training translates to your job?      

LD: Leadership skills and attention to awareness – especially during concerts when there are 500 people boogying down and a little intoxicated. Gotta be on alert.

W:  Any other goals for yourself on the horizon?

LD: When I was younger, I wanted to be a comedian … so I’m working my way up to Nutt Street Comedy Club. I was always the class clown. I see something humorous in everything.

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