September Take 5

Casey Crespo grew up around the garment industry. With a grandmother who owned a bridal boutique and made dresses and a father who oversaw production for the Catalina swimsuit company, it wasn’t long before she was working on her own sewing machine for her line, Crespo. With a creative career in its infancy, it’s vital for Crespo to stay focused and motivated. To ensure that her motivation and creativity are a way of life (and not things that come and go), she follows these five personal practices:

Have a project on the horizon  – Whether it’s a fashion show or a photo shoot, I like having something to work towards artistically. Deadlines help me stay on track. Be around other people doing creative things – I believe you absorb the energy you surround yourself with. Being around other entrepreneurs and creative people is motivating. Get sales  – Just the simple fact that people want my clothing makes me want to exceed their expectations. It’s also reinforcement that I’m doing something right. Move – Keeping my body moving also keeps my mind flowing with ideas. Long hikes, yoga, and my gym routine are my go-to workouts. Have a work/life balance – I am not a machine, I am human. I don’t work super-long hours anymore if I can avoid it. I always have small trips or a bigger vacation planned so that I know there’s a break in sight to reward myself for my work. I also gain new perspectives and draw inspiration from my travels.”