June Take 5

When it comes to celebrating, Tina Ablang is always on the lookout for the life of the party. Whether that means a new way of serving food or decorating a space, she wants to show her clients that the possibilities are endless when it comes to making an event memorable.

As co-owner of Events at Watermark, located off of River Road at Watermark Marina, she’s combining this vision with her hotel management experience to revamp the former yacht club into a unique gathering space for the community. Since weddings are the biggest draw for her venue, she chose to share these five fresh takes for inspiration this season.

Unique venues – You can still be true to your faith and religion by incorporating the elements of nature around us. There are many beautiful spots around Wilmington to get married. Themes – Wedding themes have gone from formal and tight-laced to fun and festive. Pick a theme that will be one to remember and keep your guests engaged. Go organic – Step away from the traditional. For instance, don’t be afraid to use reclaimed wood for tables, flower arrangements, place card holders, etc. Have fun with your food – Creative buffets and food trucks encourage your guests to be more social and interactive. Beer and wine pairings can also be fun! Aim high – Take your wedding photos to the next level. Have your videographer or photographer incorporate a drone for unique photo opportunities.”


To view more of photographer Amy Conry Davis’s work, go to www.gypsypye.com