May Take 5

Jaime Andrews is inspiring positive change in the Port City

Personal trainer and wellness coach JAIME ANDREWS is new to the Port City but already inspiring positive change. Through her business, Jaime Andrews Fitness, and the local Clarity Counseling Center she works one-on-one with clients towards their personal goals for a sound mind and body.

WHAT’S A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION FOR YOU? “When I was eighteen, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, an immune disorder in which people cannot tolerate gluten. I had been suffering from symptoms for over two years. This disease brought to my awareness the importance of eating well and taking care of my body, which eventually lead me to my mission: to inspire wellness through healthy body and positive mind.” IF YOU COULD LIVE IN A BOOK/MOVIE/TV SHOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? “The TV show Out of this World from the late ´80s. The main character, Evie, had the power to pause and unpause time. I have so many projects and goals … if I could pause time at will, I could make more happen!” YOU RECENTLY LEFT A BUSTLING CITY FOR A SMALLER TOWN. WHAT’S SOMETHING YOU’VE LEARNED THAT’S SURPRISED YOU? “The support I’ve received from the people I’ve met – suggestions on places to live, invitations to networking events, referrals to business connections, etc. The competitive nature of D.C. is motivating, but it feels good knowing that the people here have your best interest in mind.” WHAT NEW SKILL WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN? “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar.” IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CURE ONE DISEASE RIGHT NOW, WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? “I want to ‘cure’ the stigma and discrimination around mental illness. Stigma isolates people and prevents them from seeking help. People need to feel safe and supported to seek the treatment they may need.”