Author: Photos by Katherine Clark

Rethink Pink

New group goes ‘beyond’ to help breast cancer patients

Funny Business

Meet some of the women helping to build the Port City’s comedy scene

Smarter Sips

Learn While You Imbibe With A New Pub Crawl History Tour

Saving the Past

Individuals and groups are working to save Wilmington’s historic buildings

Work It

Alexis Babaian heads up Wilmington Fashion Week

Love ILM

Locals tell what they love most about the ILM

Cleaning Consciously

LISA ISENHOUR has been in the business of cleaning for a long time. She remembers her mother nudging her bedroom door open with an Electrolux vacuum cleaner on Saturday mornings – the growling of the machine a hint that it…

Fashion To Go

A mobile boutique inspired by the rising food truck phenomenon

Water Sign

Erin Carey works to help improve the health of Wilmington waterways.

Sweet Treats

A stop in North Carolina to visit family changed ROBIN MOZINGO’s life unexpectedly, and provided Wilmingtown with a unique baking talent now on display at Canapé in Wilmington’s Brooklyn Arts District. A self-taught chef and baker with a passion for…

Reimagining the T-Shirt

When SARAH NEWTON talks about 13th AND MARS, a Wilmington custom printing company with a twist, she lights up. “We help our users raise money without having to take on any investment – sort of like Kickstarter but for T-shirts,”…