Wilma - February 2016

Taking the Field

World Cup Champion Heather O’Reilly visits Wilmington for fundraiser

Sending a Message

Ruth Ravitz Smith brings corporate experience to new role in county’s communications


header text (under drop down button beside the "styles" button) - choose Heading 3 Sloan marks her five-year anniversary as director in February, a position she embraced after working as the aquarium’s education curator for ten years previously. This unique…

Lean On Me

Get closer while working out with Partner Acro Yoga

February Take 5

Co-founder of locally based Chein de Vin, a wine club for animal lovers

Work It

Alexis Babaian heads up Wilmington Fashion Week

Evaluate Children Early For Best Orthodontic Results

The most common image people have for orthodontic treatment is of teenagers wearing braces on their teeth. The majority of children will not need orthodontics until their late adolescence or early teen years, but for a small group early orthodontics…