Treat Yourself

Whether single or in a relationship, we say this Valentine’s Day make time to treat yourself, too. Here’s what our WILMA contributors do to take time out for themselves.

For me, a run by the lake is the best therapy. I often begin my runs carrying the stress of a long day at work or with little sleep after waking up to take care of my six-month-old. But running along a beautiful tree-lined trail overlooking the water gives me the fuel I need to recharge. Several miles later, I head home feeling happier, stronger. and empowered.” – Julie Schoonmaker, writer

Living in Wilmington, there is ample opportunity for cute sandals and flip flops, so I absolutely love treating myself to a deluxe spa pedicure at Head to Toe Day Spa & Salon. The detoxifying foot and leg mask leaves my feet and legs feeling soft for weeks … and it is so relaxing! If I really want to indulge, there’s nothing like heading over to Brasserie du Soleil … immediately following for a French lunch or dinner with my husband. Finish the day with a walk on the beach with my two beagles, and you have the perfect Wilmington day! – Meghan Corbett, writer

“To relax and wind down this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be treating myself by: doing my nails, taking a bubble bath, reading a new book, and enjoying some time alone. These quiet moments are few and far between, but I cherish them so much.” – Sarah Conely, photographer

“Since I love dance, on Valentine’s Day I make sure I take a ballet class. Then, to truly honor the day, I break my diet and treat myself to some ice cream.” – Lynda Van Kuren, writer

“As a mom of two boys (three if you count my husband), the house is rarely quiet. … So, to treat myself I send them all to the grocery store. While they shop for my lengthy list, I decompress by playing Frank Sinatra on the stereo. I brew a fresh cup of café mocha coffee for my favorite mug, put my feet up, and take a relaxing breath in my favorite sunny spot – the breakfast nook. It may not seem like much, but to me it’s a way to remember, as Frank would say, ‘That’s life, and I can’t deny it.’” – Tiffanie DiDonato, writer

“I like to treat myself to some alone time. That means a trip to the masseuse and some private shopping. I’m always on my feet and pulling clothes for others, so it’s nice to have little retail therapy for myself. What better way to treat myself than with a cute pair of shoes and a back rub?  – Jessica De Vault, fashion stylist

“Today, just being healthy and outdoors is being pampered. I’m exactly where I need to be – self-employed doing what I love to do, telling stories, and living by the ocean. I have a great husband, a furbaby, my ladies weekend friends (we’ve been getting together for a belly-laugh-filled weekend at the beach for more than two decades), and my health. Give me a walk on the beach, a day on the sailboat, a hike in the woods and I feel like a princess.” – Cheryl L. Serra, writer

“My go-to treat for myself has always been a pedicure, but I sometimes have trouble justifying them during the winter months when no one really sees my toes. I recently discovered the foot soak and reflexology massage at the Asian Relaxation Center in Racine Commons.” – Jessica Maurer, writer

“One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to go for a long bike ride to somewhere off-the-beaten path. I also love walking the beach. The expansion of the ocean reminds me just how small my everyday problems are.” – Bridgette Wagner, writer

“A small treat would be grabbing my journal or a book and dining out, preferably seated at a large, sunny window. A big treat: traveling somewhere new!” – Amy Conry Davis, writer and photographer

“I enjoy relaxing with a book – whether it’s a physical book or digital doesn’t matter – and a nice cup of tea. When I want to pamper myself, body scrubs and lotions from Villainess Soaps are luxurious and can’t be beat – they smell good enough to eat, though.” – V .L. Craven, writer