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Favorite WILMA covers over the years

Over the past twenty years, WILMA’s covers have covered a range of topics – from art pieces in the magazine’s early years to notable women to fun local spots to stylish looks. Here’s a few of them through the lens of recent WILMA editors and art directors.

Alison Cover

Allison Lee Satake

WILMA Co-Editor 2011-2012, staff writer from 2009

Current job: Mayo Clinic senior communications specialist for biomedical research; Satake now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cover pick: July 2012

“I have so many fond memories of WILMA cover concepts and photo shoots. One of my favorites was the July 2012 issue featuring Port City songstress Bibis Ellison for the ‘Dark Nights, Bright Stars’ story featuring some of the soulful musicians who make Wilmington such a special place. I think I remember Nina Bays art directed this photo shoot for photographer extraordinaire Jeff Janowski, who captured gorgeous images of Bibis Ellison around some of our favorite places in town. The synergy of creativity was so fun and inspiring!”

Cover Nina

Nina Bays

WILMA Co-Editor/Art Director 2011-2017, graphic designer from 2010

Current job: Creative director/production director, Los Angeles Business Journal and San Fernando Valley Business Journal; in Los Angeles

Cover pick: May 2013

“Part of the excitement of working on WILMA was there was always something new to discover. For this issue, we delved into the world of female boxing with Ebony Marshall and her colleagues at Port City Boxing & Fitness. The cover, shot by Keith Ketchum, was dynamic and visually captivating. Through the accompanying article ‘Pulling No Punches’ and ringside images of bouts, we were able to tell the story of these women who were not only powerful in body, but mind and spirit as well. Truly inspirational.”

Cover Suzi

Suzi Drake

WILMA Art Director, 2017-now

Cover pick: March 2021

“Fresh flowers, vintage dresses, and an eclectic and boldly colorful backdrop – this cover and the interior fashion feature checks so many of my personal style boxes. In March 2021, many of us were still working from home, stuck inside, and responsibly avoiding crowds. This rich scene, deliciously saturated in all things spring, was a visual breath of fresh air. Photographed and styled by Drewe and Kate Branding Co. at the fun and creative home of Chad Keith, the shoot for ‘Retro Floral Revival’ was flooded with fresh florals from Designs by Dillon and vintage florals from Second Skin Vintage and Jess James + Co. It’s like a recipe for happy.”

Cover Vicky

Vicky Janowski

WILMA Co-Editor 2012-2017; Editor 2017-now

Cover pick: April 2022

“Over the past decade, there are many covers that stand out for me, such as the annual Women to Watch Awards covers and a 2013 cover of local film stuntwoman Tina Wanner doing action-packed (and even flaming) shots. That one was memorable because of getting to know Wanner at her home during the shoot, and she was one cool lady. A recent favorite cover is from April 2022, highlighting several local women with successful podcasts. Using a ring light, photographer Daria Amato framed them in a unique way, and story subjects Demia Avery, Ashley Futral Chapman, Stephanie Lanier, and Sheri Shaw were game to play along. It’s always fun for us to go from idea to print and see it work out even better than we envisioned.”

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