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Area podcasters make waves


As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, meet some of the area voices behind the shows ranging from talking leadership to living locally.

Podcast Demia In ArticleDemia Avery
Owner and host of Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington

Podcast: Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington (whatchudoinwilmington.com) 

Year launched: 2021 

How would you describe its focus? “Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington – Positive Vibes for Positive People! Shedding light on some of Wilmington’s most encouraging and inspirational people, places, and things.” 

Why did you create it? “Besides my infatuation with Wilmington’s exquisite small-town charm, beaches, and welcoming people, I truly believe that ‘community’ is the driving force of any city. It is the community that sets the tone for great living, and often we forget that. With that being said, I think it is important to recognize and thank every hand that makes it all possible. ” 

Who are you hoping to reach? “My hopes are to reach the current and future residents in the city and surrounding areas in an effort to help promote city ‘pride,’ as well as contribute to the growth of the community.” 

Future plans? “My future plans are to acquire local sponsors to grow the podcasts and to be seen as one of the city’s go-to for ‘all things’ positive that go on in the city of Wilmington. My dream is to develop some sort of partnership or collaboration with the city’s visitors bureau.”

Podcast Stephanie In ArticleStephanie Lanier
Founder of The Inspiration Lab & Realtor with Intracoastal Realty

Podcast: The Inspiration Lab (theinspirationlab.co/podcast) 

Year launched: 2021 

How would you describe its focus? “The podcast has a common thread throughout; it often relates to skills that are overlooked in the personal growth space: self-care, work-life rhythm – because balance is a myth – public speaking, small business topics like bookkeeping, grief, parenting, caregiving, leadership, resilience, trusting your gut, and adulting – for example: Why you need a will and what you should understand about investing.” 

Why did you create it? “Women who participate in Inspiration Lab events, workshops, meetups, and conferences have asked for years for a podcast. This platform allows us to create an audio library of topics that were sometimes only appearing in a newsletter or a blog post or some that I wasn’t able to explore in-depth. Another key reason for starting the podcast was to shine a light on women who are doing incredible things!” 

A favorite episode? “The episode I hear most about from listeners is the very first one about public speaking; it turns out, after the pandemic, we’re all a little rusty! This was episode one, with Rachel Olsen – my speaking coach – and the title is ‘The Power of Public Speaking to Transform Your Career.’” 

Future plans? “Record at least one or two more episodes on public speaking, since there is so much we didn’t get to cover in the first episode, and I am passionate about this. I really want to see more women on more stages telling their stories and sharing their ideas. I’d also like to do a series that explores women’s health discussing topics like infertility, miscarriages, menopause, preventative care and screenings, mental health, and intuitive eating/nutrition.” 

Lanier’s recommendations for other podcasts to check out: Breneé Brown’s Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead; The EntreLeadership Podcast; WorkLife with Adam Grant; and The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Podcast Sheri In ArticleSheri Nicole

Podcast: Black Woman Working (anchor.fm/blackwomanworking) 

Year launched: 2019 

How would you describe its focus? “Black Woman Working is a podcast that informs, connects, and protects the spirit, honor, and vulnerability of Black women as they work on and through life’s adversities and possibilities, while sharing their stories, growth, and accomplishments!” 

Why did you create it? “I moved to Wilmington and needed to find a space where I could cultivate new friendships and relationships while having the opportunity to share and be inspired around the authentic thoughts and challenges I was experiencing as I planted roots, professional and personally, in a new location. 

Black Woman Working was initially me – I was the Black woman working through topics around health, happiness, hurt, and healing. Having the dedicated space created a chance for me to be vulnerable and vocalize my thoughts with like-minded women moving through the same space. 

Who are you hoping to reach? “Initially I was focused on creating the space for Black women, ages thirty to forty-eight years of age because the podcast was initially a space for me to share, grow, heal, and learn. However, after the first episode, I received so much feedback that the topic was universal and was supportive and relatable to those outside my initial target audience. So, after three seasons, I realize and proudly share that our listeners and subscribers are women and men of diverse backgrounds and ages. The podcast has shown that there are more similarities than differences, and I’m grateful for that. It is evolving organically to reach people exactly where they are and provide exactly what they need to hear.” 

A favorite episode? “My top two episodes are from July and August 2020 in season 2. It was a two-part series on normalizing Black women health around fibroid awareness. This very important topic allowed many women listening the courage they needed to advocate for their health with their medical teams, seek the appropriate screenings, and own that painful menstrual cycles are not just something you have to deal with until menopause. Many women after listening to the six courageous women sharing their stories were moved to make personal decisions about their health care, which has provided them a better quality of overall health and life.” 

Future plans? “To continue to share specific, critical culture-related topics that impact Black woman but create a space for all to learn.” 

Nicole’s recommendations for other podcasts to check out: “I listen to all the podcasts curated locally, and I am honored to have been a guest on many of them. I enjoy podcasts that are in first person and share the story of the person, so currently, my favorite national three podcasts currently in rotation are: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist, and Jemele Hill is Unbothered.”

Podcast Ashley In ArticleAshley Futral Chapman
World and national record-holding freediver with Evolve Freediving and Laurel Senick: Author, award-winning filmmaker, and surf trip guru

Podcast: Post Session Podcast (postsessionpodcast.com) 

Year launched: 2019 

How would you describe its focus? FUTRAL CHAPMAN (above): “A podcast filled with the stoke of a surf session and the wise guidance of an ocean voyager.” SENICK: “Our podcast is all about sharing the stoke we feel having the ocean as a major part of our lives. It’s an opportunity to build community, support ocean awareness, and celebrate the folks doing interesting things around the ocean.” 

Why did you create it? SENICK: “Over coffee one morning, Ashley and I were gabbing about doing creative things and she said, ‘I want to do a podcast.’ To which I replied, ‘Me too!’ We brainstormed the concept, format, and with her husband’s help on all things techie we were recording one week later.” 

Who are you hoping to reach? FUTRAL CHAPMAN: “Everyone needing a gentle nudge for their adventurous spirit.” 

A favorite episode? SENICK: “A fav of mine was the episode with Elizabeth Sneed, founder of the Curvy Surfer Girl movement. I loved encouraging women of all sizes to get into the ocean. My motto is there are no waves too small or friends too eager to surf.” 

Future plans? FUTRAL CHAPMAN: “Laurel and I would love to keep podcasting. A long-term goal of ours is to make the podcast self-sustaining so there is a revenue stream coming in that would allow us to outsource the dreaded editing process.” SENICK: “We’re stoked to have hit 10,000 downloads, and we are considering seeking community sponsorships. It feels like a natural progression to partner with local businesses that market to an outdoor lifestyle.” 

Futral Chapman and Senick’s recommendations for other podcasts to check out: Holy Post Podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Zena Dell Lowe’s The Storytellers Mission, and for kids InquisiKids Daily

Other Voices

Here are some other local women with podcasts:

Car StickerBe the Adult

Nancy Kotz & Marisol Sanchez

“Be The Adult podcast examines what it means to Be The Adult for our children and the best practices for creating kind, respectful, and meaningful relationships with them. The podcast supports the nonprofit organization’s mission of providing blueprints for calm and effective parenting so that children can grow into their best selves.” 

Hr Nightmares LogoHR Nightmares: Wake Up to Realistic Advice

Leath HR Group; Beth Looney, Amy Conway, Gabbi Plumez, Lisa Leath

“HR experts from Leath HR Group break down work problems with real talk and humor. Submit your anonymous HR nightmares or workplace situations and have our team of HR experts break it down in real time on the next episode! #hrnightmares” 

Podcast Haley In ArticleFemales on Fire

Hayley Luckadoo

“Females on Fire is a business and personal growth podcast for women who want to ignite their influence, burn their limiting beliefs, and spark their success. It’s more than a podcast – it’s a community focused on giving you all the educational and motivational tools you need to make an impact.”

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