About the March Issue

Bringing it home with the Dwellings issue

Home can be many things to many people.

For Katie Sommers, it means building and filling a house that reflects your personality – and looks pretty cool, too. Check out the photos here.

For Kaylie O’Connor and Robin Hertzog, turning the boutique hotel The Hive into a home away from home included a lot of unique and stylish touches. For a sneak peek into the new downtown place, which served as a backdrop to this month’s style shoot, click here.

At some point in many homes’ lifespans, a house will turn into a museum – a place to collect all the artifacts, i.e. clutter, you’ve picked up along the way. Men’s Room columnist Tim Bass documents the downward spiral here.

And, for others, a home can be a place of refuge and much-needed safety. Rebecca Hixon, co-founder of N2GIVES, knows that, which is why the program a few years ago bought a house in downtown Wilmington to donate to A Safe Place to serve as an emergency shelter for human trafficking victims. That’s just part of what N2GIVES has done. Find out more about the program here.

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