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How are you staying healthy?

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How are you staying healthy?

Are you on top of it, crushing your goals and crossing the finish lines? Or, are you struggling to fit in all the things you know you should be doing such as moving daily and eating more of the good stuff?

Either way, it can be hard.

That’s why this month – as many of us lace back up for marathons that have restarted, tackle the quarantine fifteen, head out for a warm-weather walk, or struggle to keep on top of major health issues – we focus on the basics. Keep it simple and start with one step.

Routine medical care might have taken a backseat during the pandemic, but providers for women’s services are now under an umbrella for one practice to streamline coordination. Click here to read more about the new WH Women’s Center of Excellence. Social connections, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert or in between, are key and can use some dusting off now. Find out what 3LW is doing on that end by clicking here. Area experts share their tips to reboot your skills for dealing with work stress, strengthening your muscles, and fueling your body.

Whether your goals are big or small, good luck and cheers to your health.

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