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Taking care of yourself isn’t limited to just one area of life. Run a marathon every weekend but sustain yourself solely on junk food, and you’ll quickly peter out – at least for most people. Get the workouts and healthy food in, while ignoring piled-up stress and poor sleep, and you’re out of whack again.

Full-body health doesn’t rely on just one approach. Feeding your mind, body, and soul is a constant goal. Few of us get it right every day.

That’s why we asked several area experts for tips on how to make it a little bit easier to try.

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AMY STEWART, owner of Back to Basics Personal Training (backtobasics-nc.com), offers up a routine to get cardio and resistance training in one workout. The moves are simple but can be intense if done right.

She suggests performing the exercises three times a week, preferably every other day, keeping your heart rate at 60- 70% of your max heart rate.

“Performing these exercises consistently for two to three months will guarantee you a stronger heart and more conditioned muscles that will, in turn, keep your body in a constant burning metabolic state and a lower risk of heart disease and injuries,” Stewart says.

“I recommend changing your routine after three months – different exercises – and adding in some long walks for beginners and running 20 miles a week for the advanced,” she adds. “Being consistent will give you the results desired!”


Do each for 30 seconds for beginners and 1 minute for those who are more advanced. 3 sets of each exercise.


Stand with feet in and shoulder-width position; arms out to the sides, curling from a fully extended arm to your shoulder.

Focus = biceps muscles

Curls Amy Stewart0021


The classic works your chest muscles to build strength.

Beginners: Keep knees on the ground with hands a little bit wider than shoulders; bring your chest toward the ground along with the thighs.

Advanced: Keep straight legs shoulder-width apart with the same hand/chest placement.

Pushups Amy Stewart0013


Beginners: Bend the knees when dipping your rear toward the floor while the hands are placed opposite direction with elbows behind you close to your body.

Advanced: Keep legs straight while dipping.

Focus= triceps muscles

Dips Amy Stewart0015


Holding a weight in between a wide, turned-out toes stance, squat as low as your thighs allow you to go to a parallel position to the ground.

Focus = thigh muscles – hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps

Sumo Amy Stewart0008


Stand with your back against a wall in a low squat with legs parallel to the ground; hands against the wall and shoulders back.

Focus= hamstrings & Quadriceps

Wallsitsamy Stewart0017


Burpees are performed with a little jump with hands overhead then a low squat with legs extended back into a very low push-up (chest touching the ground) and then back to squat jump position.

Burpees Amy Stewart0004

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