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Area gyms, studios, and groups specialize in women's training

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When it comes to going to a commercial gym, some women prefer to be in a group of their peers: like-minded women who are there to accomplish goals, from getting their daily steps accomplished to hitting PRs.

That is why women-focused gyms exist. They provide a space where women can feel comfortable learning the ins and outs of the gym and working out in small groups or with a trainer.

There are several women-geared gyms in the region, some that have been here for many years and others that are new to the scene.

The newest gym to offer training for women is Women in Strength, which is for women of all ages and fitness backgrounds.

“We aim to assist women in improving their confidence, strength, and energy, allowing them to lead a life that’s sustainable and one that they love,” the gym’s website states.

The gym opened in late May at 505 S 17th Street in Wilmington. It is founded by MARIAH MACDOWELL, who is the lead trainer. MORGANN SWAN is the personal trainer and group coach of the private personal training studio.

Services include one-on-one, small group, and remote training as well as pre and postnatal fitness, corporate events, and nutrition.

“We are a community of women that are committed to our health, and fitness, and living our lives to the fullest,” states its mission.

Another personal training option for women is GoGirl Fitness Studio, which is also open to all fitness levels. Which promises not to have noisy machines and huge classes. Instead, GoGirl states that you will find a “fun and supportive atmosphere that will help motivate you to achieve more results than you would on your own.”

The gym at 914 S. Kerr Ave, Ste. E offers group, personal, and remote fitness training as well as yoga classes. Owned by Matt Johnson, the gym is also led by head trainers Swan, EMILY DADMUN, and SARAH GILBERT

“Our studio offers a small, clean environment that allows you to come and work out in comfort without distractions,” its website states.

Females in Action Cape Fear, or FiA, is a local organization that offers free classes open to all, with the mission to encourage physical and mental growth for women in the community. The workouts are held throughout the week at several outdoor locations and are led be peers.

Participants can expect 45-minute, boot-camp-like classes that will test endurance and strength. In addition to physical improvement, the group helps women connect with others and exercise their leadership skills. One motto of the organization is, “No woman will be left behind.”

A new, weekly schedule of workouts and locations can be found on the group’s Facebook page.

Booty Lab, founded by REBECCA MCABEE, has the goal of educating women on strength training with a focus on growing and shaping the glutes. Considered the “glute queen” by some of her clients, McAbee opened a gym in Wilmington that provides personal training and fitness classes.

The gym has the goal of “showing women that strength is beautiful and lifting isn’t only for men,” its website states. The boutique strength gym for women also offers intro classes to strength training and nutrition coaching.

Strength training workouts help women build muscle and strength which is key for a healthy lifestyle, it states. The gym is at 3305 Burnt Mill Dr. Suite 100 and is led by McAbee, ANJA KROPKOWSKI, HANNAH WILLIAMS, ASHLEY TUCKER, and ELLIE KOHL.

Sole Fitness opened in Wilmington in 2016 with the idea of promoting shameless living because founder KATHRYN BENKO wanted women to not only exercise but also “build community by hearing our own stories and vulnerabilities and through that, empower women to heal and become stronger, not only on the outside, but on the inside, as well,” she says in a previous WILMA story. The goal of the gym is to not only strengthen bodies but also hearts to promote a strong sense of self-worth and empowerment.

Sole offers personal training and group workouts which include strength, conditioning circuit, and barre training. In addition to classes and an open gym, the studio offers online training. You can also tune in to its podcast where topics include “stories of breakthrough, shameless living, women empowerment, healthy body image encouragement, and ALL THINGS girl talk.”

FIT4MOM is a national fitness program specializing prenatal and postnatal fitness. FIT4MOM Wilmington has a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. Classes can be attended by those expecting and through post-partum and beyond. According to its website its fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Classes include FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Well, Strides 360, Body Ignite, and Run Club. The classes are held outdoors throughout the region, from the Carolina Beach Boardwalk to Downtown Wilmington.

The former Wilmington Lady Fitness is now Transform Personal Training. While the studio specializes in serving those who are 40 years old and older, it offers a Ladies Group Training program which also offers 24//7 gym access.

The boutique personal training gym is owned by KRISTA and BRIAN AUTRY and is located at 533 Carolina Beach Road Suite 101.

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