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For some, working out can be intimidating. It can be hard to find a place that feels comfortable and fits a variety of needs.

At Booty Lab, workouts and training do not have to be such an unpleasant experience. Owner REBECCA MCA­BEE strives to make clients feel strong and empowered. With most gyms still closed and others working with restric­tions, technology has been one way McAbee continues to help them keep those goals.

McAbee’s family and love for the beach brought her to Wilmington. Originally, she was a personal train­er at Wilmington Performance Lab, a business she ran with her husband. But, McAbee wasn’t completely happy.

“I felt that my passion for coaching wasn’t being fulfilled,” she says.

This frustration led her to create her own business. McAbee wanted to edu­cate women about weightlifting, which can be dangerous if performed incor­rectly. She also likes glute-specific train­ing. McAbee’s clients dubbed her the “glute queen,” since these muscles are a primary focus of her sessions.

Booty Lab is more intimate than your average gym; McAbee strives to create a more private and comfortable environment, and her goal is to make her clients feel empowered both in and outside the gym. So, the studio provides a space for women to feel capable and confident, while also getting in a killer workout.

“I consider my business to be a bou­tique-style studio,” McAbee says. “We focus on giving the client a personal setting by training small groups of six.”

At Booty Lab, McAbee says, “You can feel confident without having to fight for a (weight) rack, and you can do it all while rocking a sports bra.”

She also had an app developed called Booty Lab by Becca.

“The app was custom made through a company called Trainerize,” she says.

The app can be downloaded through a link in her Instagram account, @boot­ylab. The account has more than 1,000 followers and offers tips regarding workouts and living a healthy lifestyle.

The fitness app makes it easy to track workouts and measurements, as well as view photo progress through the training programs. McAbee also offers a monthly subscription. The sub­scription gives her clients self-guided workouts for at-home training or for gym settings. In addition, monthly pro­grams provide specific guidance and videos tailored to the client’s personal needs.

McAbee points out the app is more than just a way to track progress and workouts, adding that programs on it “come with a huge community of women” who help offer support. The constant motivation helps clients stay strong and be proud of themselves.

Tech Tools

Virtual Options To Help Stay Or Get In Shape

Booty Lab By Becca: A fitness app developed by Booty Lab owner Rebecca McAbee

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