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GoGirl Fitness Studio is all about accountability and fun

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You go, girl! It’s a call to rally, to inspire, to congratulate. And it’s heard often at Wilmington’s GoGirl Fitness Studio. The studio helps women, ages 12 – 80+, meet their fitness goals in a collegial, supportive, and fun atmosphere.

“We want to develop a community and connect with the women who come to the studio, whether they are a beginner or a serious athlete,” says ERICA STILLMAN,  the studio’s business and events coordinator and one of its fitness trainers.

Though the GoGirl studio has been here for seven years, Matt Johnson, who is Stillman’s business partner, incorporated it into his fitness training organization last February.  However, Stillman, who is a certified fitness trainer, and MORGANN SWAN who has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and is the studio’s head trainer, run the studio.

The two fitness gurus have developed a comprehensive program that ensures women succeed. Each client undergoes an initial assessment, which includes her medical history; an evaluation of her mobility, muscle stability, and balance; and her goals. Then Swan or Stillman creates a program for the client.

“Clients tell us what they want, and we tell them the best options to achieve their goals,” says Stillman.

There are lots of choices. The studio, decked out with all new equipment, offers jungle gyms, weights, resistance bands, and aerobic equipment. Clients can work one-on-one with a trainer or attend group classes in weight training, high-intensity interval training, circuit training, and kickboxing. Even when taking a class at the studio, which are capped at six students, clients are assured of individualized attention. If clients prefer, they can take personal or group classes via Zoom.

No matter the workout, Stillman and Swann are determined that clients have a positive experience. They are cheerleaders, they say, not drill sergeants.

 “We love to get a good playlist of girl anthem music, and we dance,” says Swan. “If you’re not enjoying yourself, we’re not doing our job.”

Accountability is another key element of GoGirl’s programs. Stillman and Swan hold group chats and regularly contact clients to encourage them to stay active on the days they don’t come to the gym. They even give clients guided workouts they can do at home, at other gyms, or on the road.

The fitness team also helps clients refine their diets with a nutritional app that provides meal recommendations and grocery lists. Alternatively, clients can purchase Green, Lean, & Clean meals through the studio.

Many clients like GoGirl’s small, intimate studio. As exercisers must make appointments to work out, it’s never overcrowded. This has proved especially important during the pandemic. To further ensure clients’ safety, Stillman, who is a card-carrying germaphobe—a holdover from her days as an intensive care nurse—ensures the studio is regularly sprayed with disinfectant and the equipment is sanitized before and after each client uses it.

It offers month-to-month contracts and membership packages.

Stillman and Swan have made GoGirl Fitness Studio a place where women are supported as they push themselves to achieve new fitness and/or athletic levels.

“We want to help empower other women and help them know how strong they are,” says Stillman. “Women have so many issues, and we need other women to support us and lift us up.”

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