Wilma - August 2012

August Checking Out

You only have to spend a few minutes with ALEX BRYANT to realize he’s not just another pretty face. His positive attitude and sense of humor is refreshing and a certain authenticity shines through this model’s photos. At a recent…

August Spotlight

Women who rock - Mrs. Wilmington, Corinne Edwards, Scotland County Assistant Superintendent, Pamela Baldwin, and former state representative Sandra Spaulding Hughes.

Serving Up Dinner & A Show

The new theater complex, TheatreNOW has opened and is offering a series of original shows, including a comedy, murder mystery dinner show, movie night, Sunday gospel jazz brunch and a children-oriented Saturday morning performance, something to please everyone from locals to tourists.

Virgo Rising

Underperforming middle school returns from last year's closure as D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy with an emphasis on student success.

Search for Success

It takes more than a crisp new diploma and glowing references to land a job in your chosen field these days, say several recent college graduates. Their experience shows that students must take strategic action to compete successfully in a…

August Look Book

For back to school, here's a look at some stylish yet functional totes for class or out on the town.

Arm Candy

A celebration of fashionable accessories for your wrist.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha, one of the latest additions to western alternative health foods, is touted for detoxifying the body while boosting the immune system.

Deep Cuts

Local experts share tips for buying and cooking meats.