About the September style issue

Wilmington's style vibe

Wilma 0921 Cover

Wilmington’s style vibe, in general, has typically been laid-back.

It wasn’t uncommon for sandals or boat shoes to be part of business casual, even before working from home became more widespread and leisure workwear became a thing.

But sometimes, you want to up your game a bit.

For this year’s Style Issue, we tap into the creative side of fashion and bring you inspiration from the colorful and the abstract to break out of those monotone sweat sets.

Playing off the works of area female artists, the outfits in “Off the Walls” reflect a broad palette of colors and styles.

Reimagined looks from the recent decades – sigh, when did the ’90s become vintage? – make up the shoot for “Déjà View”.

And Alisha Thomas is no stranger to textiles and production. She has her own leather accessories line, started on the ground floor with Freaker USA, and now helps other creatives on their business through her consulting business, Wait. What? Consulting. Click here to read more about Thomas.

Whatever you’re wearing this season – from flip-flops to stilettos, joggers to sequins – remember that confidence is the ultimate accessory.

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