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And here we are… The moment that all the fashionistas wait for: the release of the revered ‘September issue.’

But here’s an idea. Instead of us rehashing what’s “in” from that known fashion bible, we want you to toss that style rule book and just go with what inspires you.

To get you started, check out works from these local, female artists who all share a love of nature and a keen eye for color and how each of their aesthetics are paired into masterpiece looks.

You may spot a brush stroke echoed in a textile or tap into the energy flowing between canvas and cloth. Or you may just sit back and dig the all-around creative vibes.

And if these pages leave you longing for more, you can get yourself to the Fresh: exhibited to exhilarate exhibit at Kristen Martinez studio / exhibits and experience this artistic feast for the senses in person.

Fresh: Exhibited to Exhilarate

Featured pieces are for sale as part of Fresh, up through October 3 at Kristen Martinez studio / exhibits, 910 Castle Street.


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LEFT: Alba DRESS by Pia Wood in barley and neutral NECKLACE by Lizzie Fortunato, both available from The Julia; SHOES (stylist’s own) RIGHT: Alba DRESS by Pia Wood in green, available from The Julia; SHOES (stylist’s own) Artist: Daisy Faith

Collage1 Art

Mallorie DRESS by Tanya Taylor, gold imperial HOOP EARRINGS, and gold script CUFF BRACELET by Sylvia Benson, all available from The Julia; Artist: Kelsey Howard (paintings) and Mark Krucke (sculpture)

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Clarisia organic cotton DRESS by Malene Birger and rectangle EARRINGS by Lizzie Fortunato, both available from The Julia; SHOES (stylists own) Artist: Brooke Eagle

Collage3 Art

In Earnest DRESS, hand-painted BAG by Kristen Martinez, and CC + Co pearl earrings, all available from The Julia; SHOES (stylist’s own) Artists: Ella Friberg and Kristen Martinez

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Dipa Garden SHIRT by Mii, green Mona SKIRT, Philosophy BELT, and flower EARRINGS by Lizzie Fortunato, all available from The Julia; SHOES (stylist’s own) Artist: Elizabeth Sheats

Dsc040602 Collage

Marisol DRESS by Tanya Taylor and polka-dot JEWELRY by Lizzie Fortunato, both available from The Julia; retro green HEELS, available from Jess James + Co. Artist: Maya Murano (lemon and lime paintings)

MODELS: Kristen Martinez, Kate McDuff & Leah Young

HAIR & MAKEUP: Mane Studio 

STYLING ASSISTANT: Kelsey Hawkinberry


LOCATION: Kristen Martinez Studio/Exhibits

To view more of photographer Melissa Hebert’s work, go to

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