About the March Issue

Bringing it home with our annual Dwellings Issue

Wilma March22 Cover Main

Homebody or nomad, this year’s annual Dwellings issue has plenty of inspiration for your abode.

As interior designers (and sisters) Liz Harris Carroll and Charlotte Harris Lucas, point out, a lot of people took close looks around their houses these past two years. Updates and projects abounded, including tapping into the distinct style of the House of Harris’ fabric and wallpaper designs. Find out more about their origin story here.

Fabulous interiors deserve fabulous around-the-house wear. So, pastels-infused, easygoing looks fill this month’s style section here.

Also, home doesn’t always have to mean close to home.

Developer Terry Espy taps into the growing thirst for unique short-term rentals with the firehouse fixture on Castle Street, combining modern and historical touches. Check it out here.

And home DIY even hits the road for several women who undertook renovations projects for their vans and campers, making everything from a mobile surf shack to a shopping boutique to a home/office teardrop trailer. Read about their projects here.

Near or far, this month’s stories definitely hit home.

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