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We braved the holiday season. Slogged through the coldest of months and the dreariest of weather. Now it’s time to take a well-deserved, cleansing breath. In yoga, it’s called pranayama – literally “vital life force” (prana) and “gain control” (yama) – the act of connecting body, mind, and spirit to promote your well-being. But don’t let the positive vibes stop there. 

This spring’s pastel colors are meant to uplift, inspire, and turn your everyday grumbles into rays of optimism. Sky blues, powdery pinks, and canary yellows can lighten the darkest mood. Even the sage of color, Pantone, confirms this season’s trend in naming Very Peri – a bluish-purple – color of the year. 

You can sit back and breathe easy in these soothing chroma basics or, if an energy boost is what you’re after, combine these soft colors with visual power elements like geometric shapes, graphic florals, or offbeat patterns for some extra glow. 

Now go spread those happy hues. Namaste!

Style In Article Blue

Style Collage1

Hannah Artwear Rio DRESS; Sylvia Toledano Artsy clip-on EARRINGS; Dolce Vita Paily SHOES in rose, all available at S. Worsley Boutique

Style Orange In Article

Style Collage2 Orange

Sleeper linen LOUNGE SUIT; and Gas Bijoux Siena EARRINGS, both available at S. Worsley Boutique 

Style In Article Stairs

Style Collage3 Stairs

Cinq a Sept Collar Atlas DRESS; and Odette NY Deverra EARRINGS, both available at S. Worsley Boutique

Style In Article Green

Style Collage4 Green

Hunter Bell Miles TOP; Velvet Lauren SWEATER; Paige Cindy Crop Imperial JEANS; and Odette NY Beau pearl RING, all available at S. Worsley Boutique

Style In Article Outside

Style Collage5 Outside

Rhode Resort Ester DRESS; Odette NY Sanne EARRINGS; Odette NY green onyx Klint RING; Kayu Jane rattan CLUTCH; and Manebi Canyon Flat SNEAKERS, all available at S. Worsley Boutique

MODEL: Camry Dale (UC Models) 

MAKEUP: Beauty and Bloom

WARDROBE: S. Worsley Boutique

LOCATION: Dreamers Welcome, 118 South 4th Street

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