About the Health Issue

How are you staying healthy?

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Surfing, swimming, walking, running – there’s no shortage of ways to stay active, especially this time of year in Southeastern North Carolina.

If you have the will, there’s probably a way. The will part, however, can get tricky. Sometimes, the toughest part can be to roll out of bed and get moving.

There’s motivation throughout this year’s Health issue if you need a little momentum nudge.

First, there’s no reason why kids should have all the fun. Sports teams are available for women around the region, from women’s soccer teams to rugby to volleyball. Just because they’re recreational doesn’t mean they’re not competitive. Click here to learn more.

Area retirees also have active options, including from Cambridge Fitness, which provides workouts to all ages.

But fitness is just one part of the whole wellness picture. Community health is the focus for the YWCA Lower Cape Fear’s upcoming Health Summit this month (details on speakers here).

And medicinal herbs are another route for holistic wellness. If you need to look the part, fit style tips start here.

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