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Taking stock of all the things a home can mean

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Old adage: Home is where the heart is.

Update: Home is where everything is.

Like everything at some point in the past year – office, schoolroom, studio, refuge, and more.

So, it’s no surprise, with people spending more time at home that many spent 2020 working on their spaces inside and out.

Outdoor living areas became even more utilized. Click here to check out some trends. And, the area’s real estate market heated up with more people moving to Wilmington. The Mattis family, for example, fielded multiple offers the first day their home was listed, which partly is a sign of the times but also a reflection of all the work they put into renovations. Check out how they transformed their house into a home by clicking here.

Outside the home, the past year also has offered plenty of time for entrepreneurs to plan out their next moves, which is what a number of them did when deciding to move to the burgeoning The Cargo District neighborhood. Click here to read more.

For this year’s Dwellings issue, we take stock of all the things a home can mean.

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