WILMA’s Leadership Institute: Jo Ann Boyle

Snapshot of this year's Leadership Institute members

WILMA’s 2020 Leadership Institute, an annual nine-month program, gives area women the opportunity to learn from leaders in the region, visit a range of local companies, and serve as each other’s personal board of directors.

The program is part of WILMA’s Women to Watch Leadership Initiative, created to help develop more women leaders in our area.

Meet institute member JO ANN BOYLE. (Other class members will be profiled in future articles.)

Jo Ann BoyleJoannboyle 3337

Title: Director of Business Development

Company: CMC Biopharma

How long have you been with your current employer? This position is a recent promotion

Alma mater: University of Lousiville

Prior career experience:

As a mother of five and an entrepreneur, my prior career experience includes interfacing with a variety of public figures, logistical planning, market research, business networking/follow-up, and program development. Specific training include training under Robert Kiyosaki, JT Foxx, Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, and Robert Illback.  I co-founded and developed Nebraska Equity Partners, LLC. I have been exposed to the pharmaceutical industry for over 35 years.

Current job responsibilities: 

As director of business development, I am responsible for strategic business planning and marketing development. This includes process development, collaborative networking, and workflow management, as well as financial strategy.

Hobbies: I enjoy documentaries, reading, spending time with family, cooking with my husband, spending time outdoors, learning and exercising wellness practices, and meeting exercise goals.

To learn more about WILMA’s Leadership Institute and Initiative, go to wilmamag.com/women-to-watch.

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