W2W Leadership Initiative’s November Updates

Updates on WILMA's Women to Watch Leadership Initiative

WILMA’s Women to Watch Leadership Initiative has updates to share as we continue to work on the effort’s core mission of helping develop more women leaders in our area. Here’s what we’ve been up to with various W2W Leadership Initiative programs and what’s coming up next:

Women to Watch Awards: Last month, we celebrated the 2019 WILMA’s Women to Watch Awards. The annual awards program recognizes women in the community who are making an impact, and this year’s lineup of finalists and winners did not disappoint. There were inspiring speeches from awards presenters, introductions of college scholarship recipients, and plenty of well-deserved standing ovations. Click here to find out this year’s winners.

Mentoring: Also last month, we held a group mentoring event October 29 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s CIE. Members of our one-on-one mentoring program came out for small-group discussions on leadership topics. WILMA readers were invited to interact with other women and mentors for the event. Invitations to apply for the year-round formal mentoring program will go out at the beginning of the year to those who have been involved in any Women to Watch Leadership Initiative program or training during 2019.

Get on Board: Our Get on Board program seeks to help more women in the region join boards of directors. Women who complete the training session are eligible to list their backgrounds and areas of interest on our website WILMAsGetOnBoard.com so area organizations can expand their applicant pool. In October, UNCW’s QENO hosted a speed networking event for women who have completed the training so they could talk individually with a number of local nonprofit organizations.

WILMA Network: The WILMA Network, made up of women from the companies that support the Women to Watch initiative, serves as a resource for the women involved and represents a variety of area businesses, large and small. Members participate in small-group networking events called 2nd Tuesdays.

In the Loop: Keep up to date with these and other Leadership Initiative programs as well as application announcements by going to WILMAmag.com/women-to-watch or signing up for the WILMA Weekly newsletter on our website.

– Vicky Janowski, WILMA editor, and Maggi Apel, events director, Co-directors of the Women to Watch Leadership Initiative W2W@WILMAmag.com


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