Remodel Or Capitalize On A Hot Market

Did you purchase your home during the last peak of the market and have been waiting for the best time to sell? Now is the time! Because of his aggressive marketing plan, Jeff Lesley has been the #1 individual agent in Wilmington over the past five years. With his strategic approach in the real estate industry, he stays on track to sell over 100 homes per year. As home values in Wilmington continue to rise in the area the need for maximum marketing exposure and strong negotiating are even more important to get top dollar for your home.

Over the past ten years, the housing market in our area has fluctuated drastically. Home prices have been climbing since 2012, creating what is known as a seller’s market. If considering placing their home on the market, Jeff advises his clients to sell while home prices are at their peak before losing the opportunity to benefit from the maximum sale price. Because Jeff monitors the housing market daily, he knows that today is the best day to sell your home.

The conditions of our local market should not be the only thing homeowners consider when making the decision to sell their home. Home inventory is low in our area. This means that the number of homes available in Wilmington and surrounding counties are in short supply, leaving home buyers with few options when selecting their perfect dwelling. This short supply is exactly what has helped to increase home prices − lending pricing power to potential sellers. Now is the best time to cash out in order to put the most money in your pocket.

While selling your home might sound appealing, others might choose to spend on a home renovation instead. However, if you opt to sell, Jeff advises clients not to waste money making cosmetic improvements. Oftentimes, homeowners make remodel choices based on their specific taste which limits the home’s marketability to a wider audience of buyers. Home buyers usually make the decision to change several cosmetic items in their new home, such as paint, countertops, cabinets, and even flooring. Even if these items are new and updated, they might not accommodate the buyer’s home design desires. Typically, sellers who spend money remodeling their home before they sell it will lose their investment during the final transaction.

Jeff does recommend conducting a prelisting home inspection. This home inspection is similar to one that the buyer would pay for just before closing, but in this case the seller is responsible for the cost. Having a written report detailing the condition of the property helps sellers decide which repairs to make before potential buyers start viewing the home. This can help a seller save thousands  by fixing items upfront, reduces stress by knowing there are no major issues, and shortens the process by eliminating potential complications that may have affected the sale.   

Not only has Jeff excelled with marketing his properties, he negotiates a contract every three days to help his clients keep the most money in their pockets. The average real estate agent sells approximately four to five homes per year which translates to them negotiating one home contract every two months. Not only are Jeff’s property numbers impressive, but his high-quality negotiating skills work in his client’s favor. If you want top dollar for your home, put the  #1 real estate agent’s marketing plan to work for you.

Jefflesley Headshot CircleI understand that buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions my clients will ever make, and I will do whatever is needed to ensure a smooth buying/selling process. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to sell your current home, relocating, or interested in luxury homes, I am here to assist you from start to finish. Nothing is more important to me than the satisfaction of my clients.

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