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Just because an offering “speaks for itself” doesn’t mean a little nudge in the branding and public relations sectors aren’t necessary. A successful marketing strategy can mean the difference between years of success and bankruptcy. This realization is something MEGAN DANIIELLE, MBA, IMMS, knows very well. She founded Make It Public after several life lessons that taught her what she really wanted out of life.

“In 2010, I moved to N.C. and opened a store in The Cotton Exchange selling costume jewelry for women and their dogs,” Daniielle says. “The name of the store was Lady and the Pooch. After managing a Sprint store for several years, I just thought I knew how to operate a business; but of course, I was wrong. Lady and the Pooch was only open for about three months. I was devastated. I started working in a call center in Jacksonville and was completely miserable. I decided my best bet would be to attend school.”

She went to Kaplan University where she was previously attending and changed her major to business.

“I took a few classes and completely fell in love with how I could use my creativity to help people with their business dreams and goals,” she says.

As she was building Make It Public, she learned how to help other businesses thrive no matter what changes may come to the business world. “My approach is constantly evolving,” Daniielle says. “As a creative, I normally pray before any interaction with a client or while I’m creating on their behalf. I’m the person my clients like to brainstorm with because my ideas are semi-outrageous, and I’ve had some that trust me completely!”

The goals she sets for her clients are, like the business name, to “Make It Public.”

“It’s important that they get their ideas, products, and services out to the world. The ultimate goal is for their work to be desired and counted as a necessity to the masses so that they can build legacies for generations to come,” Daniielle says.

Daniielle is constantly evolving her business to satisfy her clients. “I am currently working hard as a Wix partner developing websites, redesigning, and working on a few social media campaigns,” she says. “I am in the process of creating self-service tools to make marketing more simplified for the business owner.”

Everyone has a story. Daniielle’s story is impactful and powerful. The lessons she has learned are currently being utilized to help others achieve their goals for the future.

“I am a domestic violence survivor,” she says. “Not many victims make it out alive. I was well on my way to ending my own life. I would have never dreamed I’d be doing all the things I’m doing. But, because I still have the breath that God himself breathed in my lungs, I need to show men and women alike that there is purpose in pain. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not baffled at the fact that I’m still alive and doing well! So, I want to shout it loud, ‘You can change your life!’ Romans 8:31-39 says it best… ‘You are more than a conqueror!’”

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