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Co Creative helps small businesses with branding

2020 Class Recognition Ceremony

Good branding plays a significant role in building businesses and gaining more clients. Especially in a social media-dominated world, having a strong online presence is crucial.

This is exactly what OLIVE PONS hopes to achieve through Co Creative, a company she founded in 2020. Co Creative is a digital marketing firm that provides clients with photography, social media management, web design, and helps with the general branding of companies.

The road to Co Creative was not straightforward for Pons. Originally from Rhode Island, she moved to Wilmington based on a friend’s suggestion. Now, having lived in Wilmington for eight years, Pons considers the town her home. It took Pons some time to figure out what she truly wanted to spend her life doing.

After majoring in personal training and sports management in college, she realized that her true passion lied in the world of social media marketing. Pons then shifted her focus to learning the ins and outs of the profession, which included studying operations management at UNCW.

Pons would have never predicted a global pandemic would lead to the start of Co Creative. In the midst of Covid, she was working at a local accounting firm when her hours were cut. The extra time gave Pons the opportunity to tap into her creative side and focus on new entrepreneurial endeavors. She was not a newbie to the industry, as she used to run her own jewelry company.

That experience helped pave the way for the foundation of Co Creative. While running the jewelry company, Pons realized that she enjoyed the “photoshoot, styling and social media aspect” more than anything else. Most importantly, she experienced “how amazing it would be to help these businesses inspire people around the world and grow their businesses from a social aspect.”

From there, Co-Creative has grown, but the process has not been easy. Pons prides herself on the countless hours she has spent learning how to follow trends and “studying them almost daily” to ensure she provides the best for her clients, such as Josie Matthews on the Amanda Callaghan Team with Angel Oak and Beyond Clinic Walls Wellness.

Her ability to be innovative while still maintaining organization and direction is what sets Pons apart from others. She is committed in aiding her clients and helping them in growing their business. CO Creative has also grown since 2020. The company now includes six other employees, most of whom are photographers, and offers many services. This includes a variety of packages that range from monthly content creation, editing, branding photos, and website design.

The devotion and genuine love of her business has allowed Pons to be successful. When thinking of advice to offer other small businesses, one thing comes to mind. Be authentic. “It may seem obvious, but as a small business owner, you are your brand,” she says. “So it is very important to present yourself how you want the world to see you.”

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