About the August Issue

Here’s to making the most of the end of summer

Wilma 0821 Email

It’s August, closer to the end of the year than the beginning. But, just because it’s not New Year’s Day, it doesn’t mean we can’t hit restart.

We’re in that in-between time of summer when lounging still beckons, but back-to-school supplies inspire even nonstudents to grab a fresh notebook and blank planner. (Pro tip: Trapper Keepers have returned with a reboot.)

This month, we’ve got something for both sides.

Put on some summer whites and hit the waters in style. Grab a charcuterie plate and glass of wine to relax from Bridgewater, which now has expanded into Porters Neck from the Zuckers’ first popular spot in Leland. Hangout at Novant’s Welcome Back Fest, an event to mark the community’s progress against COVID-19, featuring food, music, and games.

Have the productivity bug, instead? Then, get some spring cleaning in during the off-season. Professional organizers share their tips for getting the upper hand on all your stuff and not letting your space control you. Or, if you need a reinspiration on your New Year’s health resolutions, the city’s fitness center might be the workout gem you need for something new.

Busy or laid-back, here’s to making the most of the end of summer.

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