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Women's Council of Realtors in the region

A nationwide organization for women Realtors is coming to the region with the goal of advancing women as professionals and leaders in the industry.

The Women’s Council of Realtors is an organization that is open to all genders and professionals in the commercial, residential, and property management industries as well as industry-affiliated partners and vendors.

On June 21, Cape Fear Realtors hosts an informational luncheon on the women’s council at the Terraces on Sir Tyler starting at 11:30 a.m.

“We strive to identify leaders, encourage and support them stepping into leadership roles and then grab the hands of the next generation of leaders to do the same for them. We want to continue to advance the professionalism in our industry,” AMBER JOHNSON, a real estate advisor with Core Realty Advisors who is spearheading the council, says.

WILMA recently caught up with Johnson for more on the organization and what members can anticipate.

JohnsonWILMA: Why did you decide to spearhead the local organization?
Johnson: “I have been involved in Women’s Council of Realtors for a number of years now. I served as president of a local network previously and I know the power of our network. When I relocated to the Cape Fear region, I knew right away this was something that our area could benefit from. I spoke with TONY HARRINGTON, ANNE GARDNER, and EA RUTH and found that they were very supportive of bringing Women’s Council to the area. So, HEATHER GOOL, the current WCR State Liaison, and myself have been working to get it off the ground.”

WILMA: Why was it important for Wilmington to have a local chapter?
Johnson: “As the Cape Fear region continues to grow and attract more people, it’s important for us to have a presence on a national level so that we can connect with agents from across the country through our referral network. This will allow our Realtors to connect with clients and ensure that they are protected by the top professionals in our area.”

WILMA: What can those who join the group expect from it?
Johnson: “Realtors members can expect to have four educational events and two social events per year, as well as an opportunity to dip their toes into organizational leadership. In addition, there are many benefits through the networking connections and the referral platform to build relationships with Realtor from around the country. There is also a discount program that can be used for a variety of business and personal expenses. Strategic Partners (our affiliate supporters) will have the opportunity to build relationships with and market to the best real estate professionals in our area.”

WILMA: How can organizations like this help women with their career advancement?
Johnson: “We always say, ‘Leaders Made Here!’ and the evidence is clear! WCR members typically average more experience, higher income, and a higher referral income rate. In our industry’s national leadership 11% of NAR committee members are Women’s Council Members, including this year’s NAR president LESLIE ROUDA SMITH.

To learn more or to reach out with questions contact capefearwcr@gmail.com.

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