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Wedding trends to be featured at Sip & See

Recently engaged couples will get a chance to meet wedding vendors, from a hair salon to a photographer to a cake maker, at the first Sip & See Bridal Show event hosted this month by the River Room (pictured above).

BRITTANIE PATE, venue manager at The River Room, says the newly renovated wedding venue downtown Wilmington will host nineteen vendors who will showcase their wedding inspirations.

“Instead of hosting a big bridal show where it’s just a bunch of booths and couples are just going around and talking to the vendors, this will have more of a styled shoot kind of set up,” Pate says.

The venue will be set up for a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, and Ambiance Salon, next door to The River Room, will have a bridal suite.

“Couples can come in and see wedding inspirations and different floral arrangements and just really meet and greet the vendors on a more personal level and they can see their work instead of someone just saying ‘Oh, I do cake” or ‘I’m a florist.’ They can actually visualize what a wedding could look like,” Pate says.

Pate shares current Wilmington wedding trends and what couples who attend the event will get to taste and see.

WILMA: Is February a popular time for when people start prepping for their wedding?

Pate: “So, 40% of couples get engaged between December and Valentine’s Day. So that’s why we are doing it at the end of February. We’ll hit couples that were engaged in December, New Year’s, January and then later engagements after Valentine’s Day. That’s why we chose to do it at the end of February to kind of capture all those newly engaged couples who are going to start planning their wedding. So they might be planning for spring or fall of this year, and then some might be planning for 2021.”

WILMA: When it comes to Wilmington, is there a specific type of wedding that people here like?

Pate: “For a lot of our couples, this is a destination place for them. More than half of our couples don’t live in Wilmington; they’re from out of town. So, maybe they grew up in the area or they went to school here or their family vacations here. A lot of people do want to be on the water but maybe not a beach wedding because of multiple reasons. So, this is a great location near downtown. And, with our venue, we can seat 120 people, so it’s not a huge venue, but I see the trend that larger weddings are kind of going away and guest counts around eighty to 100 people are really popular right now.”

WILMA: How did you decide on which vendors you were going to host at the Sip & See event?

Pate: “I reached out to some of the vendors who I just loved their inspiration on social media. I liked also what their brand was about, kind of what they stood for. So I just reached out to those vendors that had the same like-mindedness as we do.”

WILMA: What can couples who attend the event expect?

Pate: “We’ll be having a caterer here. We’ll have a cake vendor. Of course, there will be champagne and specialty cocktails. So, they will be able to experience different parts of the wedding. There will be a cocktail hour with appetizers. We’re not doing a full dinner because it’s at 1 p.m., but they will be able to taste the different foods as well.

WILMA: What are some wedding trends that might be popping up in Wilmington weddings this year?

Pate: “Greenery is really big, so we’ll definitely be having some form of greenery happening throughout the spaces. Boho; we’re kind of doing a boho-type of style, so the pampas grass and the dried florals are really big right now, especially for spring, even fall time.”

Sip & See is Feb. 29 from 1 to 4 p.m. and is free for couples and $7 for guests.

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