W2W Leadership Initiative’s April Updates

Updates on WILMA's Women to Watch Leadership Initiative

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WILMA’s Women to Watch Leadership Initiative has updates to share as we continue to work on the effort’s core mission of helping develop more women leaders in our area. Here’s what we’ve been up to with various W2W Leadership Initiative programs and what’s coming up next:

LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: This year marks an expansion for WILMA’s Leadership Institute program. The class (seen here) includes forty selected women, up from previous cohorts of thirty-two women. The number of applications increased this year, to more than ninety, so we decided to devote more resources to the nine-month leadership training program. The cornerstone of WILMA’s Leadership Institute – the small-group peer mentoring boards – remains unchanged so that members continue to get valuable feedback. Last year, because of changing pandemic restrictions, we moved orientation outdoors to Double Run Farm in Brunswick County with leadership lessons from TeachingHorse (last year is shown above). It was such a hit that this year’s class again kicks off on the farm this month, with a different meeting venue each month. Info: WILMAmag.com/women-to-watch

MENTORING: As part of WILMA’s mentoring program, twenty-five mentees work one-on-one with their mentors – leaders we have recruited from the community – for twelve months. Meeting monthly, they work on professional and leadership development while making new connections in the area. For more info, go to wilmamag.com/women-to-watch/mentoring.

WILMA NETWORK: Members of the WILMA Network, made up of sponsors of the Women to Watch Leadership Initiative, meet monthly to welcome new members, catch up, and expand their networks. Recent meetups included a networking social hour at Citrus Salon. Info: wilmamag.com/women-to-watch/the-wilma-network

GETTING SOCIAL: Check out WILMA’s Women to Watch Leadership Initiative social media pages, where you can find the latest info about leadership program announcements, applications, and updates on women who have been involved with W2W. Follow us at facebook.com/WILMAsWomenToWatch and on Instagram @WILMAsWomentoWatch

– Vicky Janowski and Maggi Apel, Co-directors of the Women to Watch Leadership Initiative W2W@WILMAmag.com

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