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The new year often brings plans of change. While an admirable goal is to always look for ways to improve, resolutions can lead to disappointment and stress if not attainable from the very beginning.

Because choosing the best ways to make positive changes can be tricky, helpful guidance can be found in consultants like HAYLEY LUCKADOO, a social media guru, business coach, motivational speaker, and podcast host.

“I’ve always been a pretty big hype woman for people I care about because I genuinely believe that I can accomplish anything and want others to feel like they can, too,” says Luckadoo Luckadoo. “If I know you, I’m your biggest cheerleader. I think we all have experiences, failures, and successes that contribute to who we are in the current moment. For me, those experiences were about overcoming hard things and becoming resilient, and I just happen to have gotten really good at talking about them in a way that inspires someone to go after their own dreams.”

Luckadoo says we all have a story that can motivate someone, you just have to have the courage to tell it and that is what she did.

Luckadoo’s primary focus is women in business and helping them achieve their goals through marketing.

“Social media has made it so easy for us to watch what everyone else is doing, and when you’re starting out, you’re consuming everything you can to figure out which direction to go,” Luckadoo says. “Having mentors and ideas and different revenue streams are all great, but they can all really confuse you if you don’t have clarity on why you do what you do and where you want to go.”

Her advice is to focus on one thing first, keep the passion at the front of your mind, and create more than you consume.

Through facing adversity in her own life, Luckadoo has learned how to adapt to a changing world quickly in order to achieve success. Her experiences have taught her how to help others attain their goals in a much more efficient way.

“I just hope that someone reads this and says, ‘If she can do it, then I totally can, too.’ It’s always easier to make excuses, put things off or let fear get the best of us, but a limited mindset creates limited results, Luckadoo says.

“If you don’t actively choose the thing that you want, and consistently go after it, then you don’t ever have a chance of getting it. Do the hard thing. Do the scary thing. And just start,” Luckadoo adds.

Her podcast, “Females on Fire,” can be found anywhere you like to tune in to podcasts or specifically at femalesonfirepodcast.com.

“It’s an incredible show with stories of women who have overcome so much to get where they are and who are now experts in the topics they bring to the table,” Luckadoo says. “They generously share tips and advice for both business and personal development for my listeners.”

During this time of social distancing, Luckadoo has been able to maintain her relationships with her clients easily through virtual outlets.

“(The pandemic) definitely affected the speaking side of my business since live events haven’t been able to happen, but I think we’ve done a great job of adapting to virtual events,” Luckadoo says. “My hope is that (my business) can grow to the level I want it to get to. I want to keep scaling upward so that we can serve the masses and not just a few clients, both on the marketing and business side and the motivational side. My goal is that we’ll be one of the go-to resources for women in business.”

Take 5 with Hayley Luckadoo

If anyone knows how to successfully adapt to the crazy curve balls life can throw at you, it’s HAYLEY LUCKADOO, a money and marketing coach and motivational speaker. After a personal relationship ended suddenly and she faced a setback in college, Luckadoo decided to open her first company as a wedding planner. During the five years in the wedding industry, she discovered her love for marketing, social media, and working with business owners.

What happened next?

“I started my second company Luckadoo Media, and over the years it has evolved into the business it is today and led me to become a coach, podcaster, and even a motivational speaker. I have a huge passion for helping other women in business build companies that will change their lives so they can live the lives they dream of.”

Do you have any specific training/education in this field?

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and now I have six years of running successful businesses under my belt. I actually believe though, that my lack of a college degree or any field-specific training has actually made me a better entrepreneur. I started my first business out of desperation, and that lack of formal education is what has made me so scrappy, so determined to find the right avenues to make my business successful. It’s what made me resilient, and that’s what my business is built on.”

Who is your ideal client?

“My ideal clients are women who run their own small businesses and are struggling to scale their revenue because of a lack of conversions from their marketing.”

What are some of your favorite challenges at work?

“I think it’s always challenging when you’re working with different types of people. Everyone and every business is so unique, so even marketing problems that are universal have to be looked at from new perspectives to accommodate the particular client. It’s a challenge that definitely pushes me as a coach, but it’s always what makes this work so much fun and exciting.”

As someone who works from home, what advice do you have for others wanting to be more productive with their home-based or remote working world?

“Get serious about your time! It’s the most valuable resource you have. Work in a space that keeps you inspired but not distracted, if possible, and start learning how to time block your schedule – I even put blocks in my schedule for Instagram breaks! Also, my favorite productivity tip is a ‘Must-Do list.’ It’s only ever three items: something for work, for play/self, and a personal/home errand. Those get done first before the rest of the to-do list to keep you balanced.”

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