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Angela Lago finds health freedom through nutrition

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Consistency over intensity. Progress over perfection.

That’s powerful advice coming from ANGELA LAGO, registered dietitian and founder of The Mental Wellness Dietitian. And who better to get health and wellness advice from than someone who has personally experienced setbacks in her own health.

Lago is uniquely positioned to help others through simple nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes.

“Over the last decade, I have dealt with chronic stress that has led to situational anxiety, depression, and insomnia. My healing journey in overcoming those symptoms naturally is what led me to start my mental wellness dietitian blog,” she says. “There are so many women who can relate to my story: burnout, stress, anxiety, overwhelmed with life, not sleeping well, trying to do everything but falling apart themselves.”

Lago’s health battles started when she was in early middle school. Struggling with her weight, she attended Weight Watchers with her mom. “That was the beginning of my knowledge about how food affects our bodies. I became very health conscious throughout my school-age years.”

When Lago was in high school, she volunteered as a junior candy striper, now known as Junior Volunteers, at New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC). Hearing about the nutrition and dietetics degree offered at East Carolina University, she knew right away it was the career path for her.

“Healthcare was kind of in my blood,” says Lago whose mom has been a nurse for forty-six years and a champion in her field of oncology nursing. Lago adds, “My parents had the greatest influence on my career. They are both innovators and never settled for the status quo.”

Lago’s first position after achieving both a bachelor of science degree followed by a master of science degree in nutrition science, was as the clinical dietitian and nutrition director at a small hospital outside of Greenville, North Carolina. She later consulted in nursing homes throughout eastern North Carolina. In 2008, she was hired as a staff registered dietitian at NHRMC. In 2011, she was named clinical nutrition manager, responsible for managing most of the registered dietitians at the medical center.

In the fall of 2019, Lago started The Mental Wellness Dietitian website. By November 2020, she posted her first blog, thereafter posting one new blog post per month incorporating nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations into each post.

“I want to help others learn how to feel better and function optimally using simple nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes. I believe there are many things that we can change and improve before taking the pharmaceutical route,” Lago says. “Knowledge is key. I share my knowledge in hopes that others will find the same health freedom that I have found without prescription medications.”

Through her blog and social media Lago helps people get set up on supplement regimens specific to personal needs. This includes sleeping better, reducing anxiety, becoming more resilient to stressors, and improving brain fog and focus.

“I find it very rewarding when I hear how much better someone feels after starting one of my supplement regimens or after reading and implementing information from my blog,” Lago says.

As the new year motivates new year resolutions, Lago advises to first make personal health goals doable.

“Small wins add up over time. For example, drink two extra glasses of water a day, eat one vegetable at each meal, walk for 20 minutes a day. Make a checklist and commit to small changes for 30 then 60 then 90 days. Then add another small change to your list. The key is to not quit!”

And finally, she says don’t stress out trying to be perfect. “Don’t get caught up in fad diets, expensive foods, and things that don’t fit your current lifestyle. Small changes equal big changes over time!”

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