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Palm Air Realty is in the business of realty and friendly community

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EA RUTH (pictured right) and ANNE BRODSKY (left) are a true power couple in all the ways in which business defines it, but their true power comes through their force of positivity and light that they share with their clients and their community.

Together for 32 years and in business together for the last 16, the two, along with co-owner Marcus Matzke, run Palm Air Realty in Kure Beach providing vacation rentals and home sales on Pleasure Island.

“We are in the happiness business,” Brodsky says.

Admittedly, working seven days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure that customers are happy. They are busier than ever now that technology has emboldened more to get into the real estate business.

“Over the last three years, with the inception of VRBO and Airbnb apps, the landscape and the demographic has changed, and competition has exploded. It’s a big business,” Ruth explains.

What Ruth and Brodsky have to offer customers puts them ahead of the curve,  “adapting” and thriving in the new business environment, they say.

“We are a small business, but not really. We do not need to compete with the big boys because we are big with what we offer, with the little things that we do. We are intimately involved with what we do,” Brodsky says.

Their unique business provides a strong “see-saw balance” for vacationers and homeowners.

“It is a good dual business. Vacation people want to buy a home and homeowners want to rent a home,” Ruth says.

Their enthusiasm and love of the lifestyle that the area offers provide clients with a personal touch that goes above and beyond to get it right, they say. For renters, visitors to the island have firsthand guide to what to do and where to do it.

“We offer us – our experience and our excitement about this island,” Brodsky says. “We have our own style. We know our island and we have it all laid out for them, embracing what our beaches have to offer.”

For those looking to buy, Ruth says she offers insight beyond what the potential buyers have in mind for themselves.

“We know the properties; we know the location and what’s around them. Buyers think they know what they want,” Ruth says. “They have a broad perspective and I narrow that down for them and direct them based on their needs and likes and dislikes. The key is listening to clients.”

Both Ruth and Brodsky love the island which is apparent in how they embrace the other businesses and the community of which they are an integral part.

“We are community-oriented and we work hand in hand with other small businesses,” Brodsky says. “Whether it’s the lenders, insurance brokers, or inspectors, we work with local people because local people know the area and we have all those contacts.”

Ruth and Brodsky pride themselves on being “real people” for whom taking care of their community is the main goal. Both are active on local volunteer and professional organizations.

The biggest challenge of the recent pandemic for the couple, according to Brodsky?

“With the face mask, people can’t see our smiles.”

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