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Prana Salt Cave provides de-stressing at home


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Last year, Prana Salt Cave opened in Wilmington, providing a new way for de-stressing and relaxing to the community.

A salt cave is a space that has Himalayan salt on the floors and walls and is used for therapy.

LIANA BELANICH, owner of Prana Salt Cave, said she wanted to open the location because she wanted to do something to help others and because of her love for holistic and healthy modalities.

“There was a time where my own life was not very healthy but slowly, I began to wake up to change my habits and work on myself,” she says. “I wanted to share those things with others so that they too could shine bright and lead more fulfilling lives.”

“Prana is a safe place for people to heal with salt therapy, yoga, meditation, sound healing, energy healing and local products too,” Belanich adds.

With the spread of the coronavirus, Prana Salt Cave has closed, but it is still providing the community with ways to de-stress with free yoga classes online and more.

It is also offering a “buy one, get one” special for adult sessions.

“We are very grateful for the support so far, every bit helps and is put to good use paying for rent, utilities and other crucial expenses. We will be here after the storm to help create healing.”

WILMA: What are the benefits of salt caves?
Belanich: “Salt therapy is a 100% natural remedy that helps to alleviate symptoms of respiratory issues and skin conditions and helps reduce stress. You come and sit for 45 minutes in a room surrounded by 5.5 tons of Himalayan salt. While you sit back and relax into our gravity-free chairs, meditation music plays, and a halogenerator turns medical grade salt into micro-sized particles that get dispersed throughout the room. The small particles move into your lungs and respiratory system opening and cleansing. Salt is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It may help with asthma, allergies, COPD, and sinus issues. Salt also balances the PH of your skin, reducing redness and irritation. The 45 minutes of rest and quiet surrounded by the calming lights and music help to soothe the nervous system. So many benefits to salt therapy and what we have to offer.”

WILMA: Why did you decide to offer free yoga classes streamed online? What are some upcoming classes?
Belanich: “I decided to do free yoga classes online to help support my friends, family, and my new Prana community. We are all in this together and having a hard time, I thought I could at least continue to share my passion for helping others by holding a safe space and teaching the tools that have helped me to move through fear and find peace. I want to continue to be a light for others.”

“My class on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. is a meditative deep stretch class and Thursday at 12:30 p.m. is a gentle class that gets the body moving and helps to build strength. Both classes help all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit helping to boost our energy, our immune system, and create grounding and healing. I will drop in some other random meditations and classes when I feel called to. This is an important time for us all to take care of ourselves and not fall down the path of fear and depression. It is okay to be upset and honor all the feelings we are having but then to lift yourself and each other back up. Together we will make it through this tragic time. Classes are on Prana Salt Cave Facebook page. They are live but I also leave them up for future use.

WILMA: As a small business owner, how have you been holding up during this time?
Belanich: “As a small business owner, I was very nervous, scared, and flustered. I had to make decisions that I never thought I would have to make. I was supposed to fly to Texas to see family on March 14, I decided not to go because I did not want to leave my clients at this time of uncertainty. I also wanted to protect my community and my business. A lot of the COVID cases were coming from travel and I did not want to be the one to bring it to Wilmington.”

“I had to think quickly and make protocol changes only allowing one person at a time in the salt room. I also had gone back and forth many times to decide if I should close or not. There was a lot of information and opinions I had to shuffle through to figure out what was right for me and Prana. I decided to close before I was told to because although salt therapy helps alleviate respiratory issues, I could not guarantee that I would not be a carrier of this virus or that I could keep my facility virus free. I did not want my clients with COPD for example who already have lung issues to catch the virus, it would be detrimental to us all.”

“By closing the business, I felt I was doing my part to promote social distancing and staying at home. Once I was closed, I felt better about this aspect. Next, the money is scary, but just like when I was trying to find the funding to build Prana (which was not easy), I have to trust that all will be okay and take one day at a time. There is no use in freaking out. My community and family are amazing and have been able to do what they can, I am forever amazed and grateful, we will survive.”

WILMA: What are some tips/ways that people at home can de-stress during this stressful time?
Belanich: “Some helpful tips are to work on small business loans or personal loans, take precautions with personal and business bills, delay what you can, and know that the help is here, it is coming and we are not alone.”

“We are all in this together, keep calm, meditate, go outdoors to appreciate nature, move your body, take your vitamins C and D, and rest your mind. Find strength through all this, reach out, there are so many resources for help, I see so many businesses and people in general creating more support online. Call your friends and family it makes a huge difference. Thanks to the people I get to take classes from and thanks to technology, we have it all at our fingertips. Follow Prana Salt Cave and me for more inspiration, I will continue to serve my community with meditation, yoga, healthy lifestyle tips and positive Instagram posts.”

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