Roam Sweet Roam: Shopping on the Go

The many ways to take a home on the road


There is a multitude of reasons why someone would buy a camper or van, then renovate it into a livable space. Take for instance Cissie Brooks, Big Sky Design’s team, and Suzi Drake, all of whom recently renovated campers and vans. It might be someone’s dream retirement pastime or their escape route when hurricanes arise. It could also serve as a temporary solution for a booming business running out of office space. Read more about Big Sky Design and their mobile design boutique, known as Bea, below.

Snuggled inside a ’69 Shasta Loflyte camper is Wilmington’s first and only mobile design boutique, otherwise known as Bea. 

The 7×14-foot camper is operated by Big Sky Design, which is owned by JENNIFER KRANER, and gives its clients a unique interior design experience. 

The idea for a mobile design boutique came out of necessity back in 2016. Big Sky Design was growing and needed more space to showcase products and merchandise. Once the logistics were hashed out, the team started looking for the perfect camper to house their boutique, which they found through a Craigslist ad. 


To kick off the renovations, the team gutted the camper and got rid of the toilet and shower compartment to make more counter space. They dressed the walls with glass tile and wood paneling but opted to leave the original upper cabinets and stove. 

Since being introduced to the community, Bea has been utilized for private design consultations, pop-up parties, Realtor open houses, and community events. She’s even available for girls’ nights, parties, and open houses. 

In the fall of 2020, Big Sky Design ended up packing up their office on Masonboro Loop Road and relocated to their current building on Oleander Drive. With the big move, it also meant Bea’s role would change. 

“We have more square footage on the floor for furniture and merchandise, so Bea’s no longer used as a mobile boutique as she once was,” Kraner says. “But she is used as a real attention-getter in front of our space when we do have events. So, she is just sort of a well-loved part of Big Sky.” 

As for how Bea got her name, she’s named after Kraner’s grandmother, Beatrix. And much like a bee, Bea buzzes around town.

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