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Hello Podcast Media helps women launch their show

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Complacency leads to boredom, and too often, people find themselves unhappy with their careers but unsure of how to fix the problems to achieve happiness. While the pandemic forced the world to slow down, it encouraged BRITTANY RINCON to take a risk.

“During the pandemic, I found myself going on tons of walks and consuming a lot of content through audio,” says Rincon. “Podcasts became a huge part of my life, from motivational shows to true crime, I love it all. During one of these walks with my youngest son, who was only six months old at the time, I thought to myself that I should start my own podcast. It was my ‘aha’ moment. I couldn’t find a podcast where I really connected with the host or saw my own experiences reflected back to me.”

In 2020, Rincon launched her first podcast, “The Teacher Leader Podcast” which quickly gained a strong following. “My show joined a podcast network, and I connected with educators all over the world,” says Rincon. “I was getting tons of messages from people asking me how I started my show and other questions about the industry and how it all worked. After finding success with my own show, I wanted to help others do the same.”

Rincon founded Hello Podcast Media where she helps, “…launch, manage and build a podcast that nurtures your audience and generates leads for your business.”

“What began as me just helping a few people start their own podcasts, quickly grew into what Hello Podcast Media is today,” says Rincon. “I started to realize the roadblocks that kept women from starting a podcast and knew that by providing the tools, both with audio production and marketing strategies, they would find long-term success to grow their businesses.”

Hello Podcast media is a full-scale podcast production and digital marketing boutique agency. It has a launch package where it helps with content strategy, the technology to get started, and provides audio quality tips.

It can also help podcasters with editing, uploading, creating show notes, and monthly analytics for their project.

“We also offer a virtual recording studio where our clients can interview guests, basically the ultimate ‘show up and record’ and we handle the rest. And, we offer strategy calls to help take your show to the next level with tips to monetize, work on content strategy or even help with systems and workflows,” she says.

Like many other women, Rincon wears a lot of hats. “I am a mom, wife, educator, and business owner,” says Rincon. “We have three sons, and my husband and I moved our family to Wilmington in 2022 to pursue a great opportunity and have a better quality of life. I’m originally from New Jersey but honestly love the ocean here so much more.”

She says that after about a decade in the classroom, she realized that she loved working with adults and got her doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction.

“My evolution to podcast production and digital marketing was definitely not planned but a natural transition and just a perfect fit for my skill set and life experiences,” she says. “When I’m helping clients launch a podcast, especially when they are new to podcasting, I love walking them through the process and making it easy to understand. I always say, ‘Who better than a teacher to help you launch your podcast?’”

While podcasting may seem overwhelming, it is a relatively simple endeavor to pursue if you have some guidance and understand the logistics.

“There is this misconception that you need expensive equipment, a whole recording studio, and thousands of downloads to be successful,” says Rincon. “I would encourage someone to listen to a few podcasts and imagine their message being shared with the world in the same way. Podcasts allow you to have a conversation with your audience that is longer than a 60-second story or reel, and it is a great place to build an authentic relationship with people who take their time to listen week after week.”

She says her company’s mission is to amplify the voices of female entrepreneurs. I strongly stand behind that mission not only when it comes to helping my clients, but also when it comes to my team.

“Podcast production and the audio space, in general, is a very male-dominated industry (both in production and in hosts),” Rincon says. “We work with phenomenal female audio editors and graphic designers who all have their own entrepreneurial aspirations. I believe in what I do because my clients are able to see real results when it comes to building community with their audiences.”

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