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Wine & Design provides take-home paint kits and virtual classes

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Wine & Design, a studio that provides sip and paint classes, has been operating in Wilmington for nine years.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS has owned the Wilmington franchise for the last three years.

Reynolds wanted to operate the business because it is fun by nature.

“Wine & Design makes people happy; who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? Just picture yourself with community and fun at the center of your business,” she says. “The fundamental offering of Wine & Design is connecting through activity and that’s always in demand.”

While the coronavirus has caused Wine & Design to cancel its parties and events, the studio has found a way to continue to offer entertainment with art through its virtual classes and take-home paint kids.

Through its website, people can register for classes and order paint kids for adults and kids. Pre-ordered kits are available for curbside pickup on Wednesdays and Fridays.

“All of our kits are prepared to order with everything you need to paint at home,” she says.

Reynolds shares how Wine & Design has been coping with COVID-19 and how people can be creative and artistic at home.

WILMA: During COVID-19 Wine & Design has been offering paint kits and virtual lessons, how did Wine & Design come up with the idea to offer those?
Reynolds: “Take-Home Kits actually originated in 2018 during holiday gift-giving periods. The concept has worked beautifully during these ‘stay at home’ times. People are looking for entertainment at home and our paint kits provide creative ways to have fun. Also, the paint kits have been very popular with kids and many parents have even incorporated them in their homeschooling activities.

Taking the Wine & Design experience into the home was a natural for us.  In the studio, our artists guide our customers with step-by-step instructions. Through our virtual classes, we can bring the same instruction right into their living rooms. While it might not be the same party environment as in the studio connecting with friends, it certainly provides much-needed home entertainment during these unusual times.”

WILMA: How has Wine & Design been doing during COVID-19 as a business?
Reynolds: “There are several dimensions to our business including private and public parties, business team building, off-site events at various venues, kids parties, etc. So, with the necessary distancing guidelines, our business has been substantially impacted. However, we are humbled by the enthusiasm and support of our community for our alternative products.

I take joy in the brief contact with our customers when delivering their kits curbside and never tire of their heartfelt thanks for having something creative they can do at home and in many cases with their kids. This gives me strength and faith that we will survive this very difficult time of uncertainty. I miss the sounds of laughter and smiling faces in or studio and look forward to better times ahead.”

WILMA: What are some simple ways that people can incorporate art activities at home?
Reynolds: “Some of the best ideas have come from our customers. Celebrations come to mind first. I always get a kick out of looking at calendars for Nation Celebrations; like donut day, biking day, turtle day, astronomy day. Basically any celebration you can imagine from birthdays to holidays – Easter proved to be great fun for kids painting – to the more unusual will work!  School projects can be fun too, like painting creatures under the sea, animals in the zoo and on and on.

Many adults have had their own virtual cocktail hours with friends while painting.  The opportunities are endless.”

WILMA: Why is it important for people to continue doing art, like painting, at home during the coronavirus?
Reynolds: “Doing something creative with your hands has many benefits.  Many people claim that painting improves their mood by releasing tensions and frustrations. Others have said they feel more motivated. Many had no idea they had the ability to complete a creative project. Most of all, it’s quite special to have a piece of art you have created hanging your own wall!

Projects such as painting at home provide parents and kids much needed time together. It has even been said that when kids and parents work together on art, it can lead to improved behavior in class, greater willingness to participate and future academic success.”

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