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New Hanover County hires Donna Fayko

Nhc FaykoNew Hanover County appointed DONNA FAYKO as the county’s Health and Human Services consolidated agency director.

Fayko started in the role last month, becoming the county’s first agency director after the public health and social services departments consolidated in July 2019.

“We took the past year to consolidate and ensure better efficiencies among the departments, and we determined that a director of the two agencies would help bring even greater integrated service delivery to our community,” County Manager Chris Coudriet says.

Fayko served as the director of the Rowan County Department of Social Services. She has also served as deputy director of the Mecklenburg County DSS Youth and Family Services. She has thirtytwo years of experience in the health and human services system.

Fayko earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in probation and parole from Pfeiffer University. She has a master’s degree in counselor education from Pennsylvania State University. She is immediate past president of the N.C. Association for County Directors of Social Services.

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