McLaughlin-Smith Receives UNCW Award

Spotlight on Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith

Kimberly Mclaughlin Smith, Human Resources

KIMBERLY MCLAUGHLIN-SMITH, the inclusion and diversity learning development specialist in the Office of Human Resources, is this year’s recipient of the UNCW Staff Award for Excellence. 

Held virtually for the third year, the awards recognized members of the campus community who have excelled in their service to UNCW in the categories of customer service, efficiency, and innovation, human relations, public service, and spirit of North Carolina. 

“McLaughlin-Smith is regarded as the ‘people’s champion’ because of her humanitarianism, integrity, and public service, which consistently displays our institutional values,” her human resources colleagues wrote in their nomination letter. 

“She is someone whose relentless contributions have not only elevated campus culture but have successfully increased our community outreach with campus partners.” 

In addition to McLaughlin-Smith, five nominees will be considered for the Governor’s Award of Excellence, the highest honor bestowed on a state employee: DAVID COOK, Auxiliary Services; KELLY KENNEDY and DIANA WASER, Office of Human Resources; SARA NIMMO, Abrons Student Health Center; DAN NOONAN, Information Technology Services; and TRAVIS WOODS, Office of Facilities.

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