Health Junkie: Amy Stewart

Personal trainer shares her workout, nutrition

Amy Stewart is the founder of Back to Basics Fitness and Personal Training, a fitness training studio in Wilmington.

Stewart completed the Spartan Beast Race in 2019, getting second place in her age group.

She shares her current workout schedule, nutrition, inspirations, and tools she uses to maintain her health and fitness goals.

Name: Amy Stewart

Title: Personal Trainer/Chiropractic Technologist

Organization: Back To Basics Fitness and Personal Training

Services provided: Boot camp/circuit training, one-on-one personal training, Spartan Race/obstacle course racing (OCR) training, Spartan Kids Race training, after-school programs, running groups, barre class, body fat measurements/weigh ins and weight training/healthy eating programs

What do some of your current workouts consist of?

I like to split my body parts, for example:
– Monday: Chest and triceps
– Tuesday: Legs
– Wednesday: Back and biceps
– Thursday: Shoulders and hamstrings
– Friday: Full body circuit

I run five days a week … 30 miles a week”

Current nutrition: “I eat meals consisting of protein, good fats, and vegetables with limited amounts of complex carbs. I stick to oatmeal and sweet potatoes as my main sources of complex carbs. I eat every three hours and drink 80 ounces of water a day.”

How do you come up with or where do you look up healthy recipes?

“I usually Google search for healthy recipes options. I don’t use any particular program. I research the healthiest options.”

Do you use any apps/technology to assist you in your health goals?
“The current app I use for motivation is MapMyRun. Several of my clients are on this program so we can see if we are out running, and it keeps us accountable to do it. We sometimes will do a challenge to see who does the most miles over a thirty-day period!”

What are some ways that you get motivated when you might be getting off-track?

“If I find myself getting off-track and unmotivated, I sign up for a Spartan Race or a trail/road race (5K/10K or half-marathon). I like to have a goal; it definitely keeps me motivated.”

What is your current workout music playlist?

“I currently do not have a favorite music playlist. While running I do not listen to music. I like to hear nature. In the gym, while working out, I listen to anything that gets me motivated on that day.”

What do you do to de-stress?

“I run to destress!!!”

Any websites, magazines, podcasts or blogs you regularly read for information or inspiration?

“I listen to Charles Stanley every morning to keep me grounded and closer to God. I want God to use me to touch other people’s lives and helping them feel better about themselves through exercise is, I believe, what he’s blessed me with.”

Any health trends that you like or have tried?

“I don’t believe in health trends … We are all individuals with different needs, so trends aren’t always ideal for everyone. You need to find what works best for you and stick to that!  It’s all about being consistent.”

Any social media accounts you think people should check out?
“I follow Joe De Sena (founder of Spartan)”

Find Stewart and Back To Basics at or on Facebook @Back to Basics Personal Training and @Amy Stewart.

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