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Group classes motivate Lynn Molina of 31 Fitness Studio

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For many, being independent and using weight and cardio machines at the gym is the best way to get a workout. For others like LYNN MOLINA, group classes provide the right kind of motivation to progress on health journeys.

Molina is owner and instructor at 31 Fitness Studio a group fitness studio in Wilmington. She got into the fitness industry when she was trying to figure out what worked for her at the gym after being active in track and field while in high school.

“Early in 2012, I was 31 years old and a stay-at-home mother of two toddler girls. I decided to join a local gym and tried the machines and found myself bored and it was a struggle to keep motivated,” she says. “I decided to try a group fitness class they offered called Zumba that I had heard about through some fellow moms. That class ignited my passion for dance fitness, and I realized that group fitness worked for me!”

That realization motivated her to become an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, allowing her the flexibility and independence to now offer a variety of class options for her students, she says.

31 Fitness Studio, currently hosting classes via live stream and on-demand, offers dance fit, flow yoga, STRONG Nation HIIT, Seated Dance Fit & Stretch and Barre Fit classes.

Molina talks about her studio, how it has been doing during COVID-19, and safety tips for working out at home.

WILMA: What motivated you to open 31 Fitness Studio?
Molina: “The name ‘31 Fitness’ came from my personal journey, as I was 31 years old when I took my first group fitness class and changed my life, mentally and physically.  In 2015, I had been an independent Instructor, renting the studio inside Danceworks Technique Facility when they decided to close in at the end of that May. It was then I knew it was time to grow and make 31 Fitness a whole studio and continue to grow. I wanted to provide a place for others to find what works for them, in a judgment-free zone, and have the accountability and camaraderie to keep going.”

WILMA: What can participants expect from the classes?
Molina: “31 Fitness’ studio classes are smaller and intimate in person, making it more personable and everyone tends to get to know everyone. Class sizes have always been limited for quality and safety. The virtual classes are privately streamed and provide a direct connection with the instructor and other participants on the stream.”

WILMA: How has the studio been doing during COVID-19?
Molina: “We have been closed since March 25, but we’ve adapted. I have added Zoom for live-streamed classes as well as on-demand via my website for studio members to have access at home if needed.

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31 Fitness Yoga Instructor Serena Qualliotine

My website is accessible through either or Not all of our members are using the live stream, but I have found great new possibilities for moving forward. Some 31 Fitness members are health care workers, and this has allowed them to get their workouts in and continue to take care of themselves so they can help others. It has also made it possible for students that have moved away to rejoin my classes via Live Stream on Zoom.

We will now offer ‘Seated Dance Fit & Stretch’ class exclusively virtual weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our goal will be to grow those classes through live stream and reach residents in their homes and in assisted care facilities.”

WILMA: What is your personal “fitness” philosophy?
Molina: “I believe in progress over perfection.  Any progress is better than giving up. I actually have these words, among others, on the studio walls so that when students may be having a moment… they may get a glimpse of motivation to dig deeper and keep going.”

WILMA: Do you have any tips for people working out at home during the pandemic?

-Find a safe space where you can move freely.

-Wear shoes if needed to protect your feet from injuries.

-Lift your heels to avoid twisting the knees.

-Airflow and hydration are important and remember to keep moving while your heart rate is up and let it slow down before you stop. The heart needs the blood to flow back to it from the extremities.


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