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The Wilmington Sisterhood provides a safe space for women

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Out of her own personal experiences and desire to feel safe, REBEKAH FREEDOM (bottom left) created The Wilmington Sisterhood as a secure space for women to develop connections and be supported.

The group began as Wilmington Creatives on Facebook and switched to Wilmington Sisterhood at the end of December 2021. As a new group, most hear about it through word of mouth or through the public Facebook page. Currently, there are around 200 members. It is a very diverse and welcoming community of women who seek genuine relationships with those who share similar beliefs.

Freedom, who is also a counselor, decided to start the Facebook group with the intention of providing a safe and secure place for women to be heard.

Freedom has a masters in psychology and has worked in personal development for twenty years, as well as mental health for eleven years. She has also written a book, “Breakup Rehab,” and is currently a private counseling coach offering relationship training, grief support, and help with life’s transitions. Freedom moved to Wilmington from Colorado seven months ago “on a whim” but felt like she “was guided here by intuition.”

The group meets in person every Wednesday in the South Front District and has been following COVID protocols.

“The women in the group are mindful of keeping everyone safe,” says Freedom. “We are a conscientious and considerate group.” Out of respect for the individual’s privacy and confidentiality, what is shared at the meetings is unique to those involved and remains private. It is very important to Freedom to build trust within the group and ensure those who choose to participate understand its core values and focus.

When asked about the goals of the group, Freedom instead chose to explain what the group is not.

She says, “We are not a networking group. We are not just a ‘hang-out’ group, and there is no ultimate goal for sisterhood.”

The main focus is to empower and uplift other women and that will never be confined to a definite goal or objective. Instead, the Wilmington Sisterhood is a community to develop genuine connections and provide a space for women to bond and contribute in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Wilmington Sisterhood seeks to bring together women by providing a safe and loving environment to express themselves. As the group is still in its beginning stages, it may change as it blossoms and grows. One thing that will always remain constant is how it is an empathic, inclusive group of females with an emphasis on learning to turn pain and grief into growth.

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