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Studio Wilde helps businesses find their branding

RaeHALEY RAE’S work can be seen in the branding of many local small businesses, from Figgy Co. to Wilmington Compost Co. to The Inspiration Lab.

Rae is the owner and creative director of Studio Wilde, which she describes as a “one-stop brand shop” providing custom branding and website design.

She found her calling in small business branding while working on her fine art major with a concentration in graphic design.

“I was introduced to branding and fell in love with the intersection of art and business,” Rae says. “I learned why a buyer would be drawn to one brand over another; that communication through art is powerful and has a seat at the table in business.”

She says Studio Wilde was her answer to the question “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

“Whether you’re starting out or stepping up, putting yourself out there can be scary. I meet small business owners on the other side of that fear and help them bring their brand vision to life,” she says.

Branding is very important in this age of modern business, Rae says, adding that having a cohesive brand and website is no longer optional.

“Since 2013 I’ve created beautiful brands and websites that help businesses communicate their story with personality and purpose,” she says.

Studio Wilde has worked with a variety of clients, from CNN heroes and TEDx speakers to florists to potters. Current projects include the launch of Figgy Co.’s new e-commerce website which is now an extension of their storefront.

WILMA talked with Rae about working with small businesses, how she identifies businesses’ branding, and tips for finding their brand.

WILMA: Why did you decide to work with small businesses in the community?
Rae: “
Small businesses are always looking for their edge, wanting to set themselves apart in their industry. Our community’s heartbeat is the small business owner. I help them create a brand that drips with personality without compromising strategy.”

WILMA: How do you go about helping businesses find their identity/branding?
Rae: “Studio Wilde builds brands from the ground up — strategy, brand design, and website design, by working a framework I’ve perfected over 9 years to figure out the unique heartbeat of a business, what makes them special, and sets them apart. We work with color theory to build a brand color palette, create font pairings, and curate imagery that evokes certain emotions their ideal client will be drawn to. We create custom patterns and textures to add depth and layers to a brand so there’s always a level of exploration and discovery. I take a collaborative approach with my clients with interactive brainstorming sessions and a series of creative assignments that help uncover their vision for their brand. Most of the time our working relationship turns into a friendship as I root them on from the sidelines of their launch. There’s truly no better feeling than watching my clients launch a brand they can’t wait to show off and a website they’re proud to send people to.”

WILMA: Why should businesses have a consistent website, social media, and/or content creation?
“A well-made brand will truly act like another team member, silently working away in the background for you, doing its job to attract your ideal client and build credibility and trust.”

WILMA: Do you have any tips for small business owners wanting to find their brand?
Rae: “The first step is realizing your brand is more than your logo. Branding is what sets you apart. It’s the special touchpoints you show your audience. It’s what your business does that is unique from your competitors. If you look at everything you’ve pinned on Pinterest, saved on Instagram, things you’ve screenshot on your phone, or pages you’ve ripped from magazines… your brand is in there somewhere, the common denominator of all those things you’re drawn to enough to file away for inspiration. My job is to help you make sense of it all and showcase it to the world.”

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