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Booty Lab teaches women strength training

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Besides sculpting booties, Booty Lab seeks to teach women strength training, including its benefits of building lean muscles and increasing strength.

REBECCA MCABEE, the founder of the small group training gym, says fitness became a part of her life early on because of her interest in cheerleading.

“I learned very young that to get better, you had to become stronger through health,” McAbee says. “My passion for fitness progressed later into the mid-’20s when I met my husband, who was a local trainer in town. He helped me better my craft and realized that this wasn’t just a hobby but a career.”

McAbee and her husband, Chris, started a business together called Wilmington Performance Lab.

“During this time, I started realizing that strength training and glutes, specifically for women, was where I wanted to focus my attention,” she says. “This determination made me realize that I needed a different business model. So, while still running WPL, I started my own business on the side: Booty Lab.”

As the business grew, McAbee decided to close down WPL and start over as a new brand and company.

“We focus on full-body with, of course, an emphasis on glutes!” she says. “Booty Lab keeps it small, with only six people per class that also includes a personalized app to track all of your goals.”

McAbee unveils strength training myths and shares her tips for beginning strength training and a glute-focused workout.

WILMA: What are the biggest myths about strength training for women?
McAbee: “This is a BIG topic of discussion because, for years, women were taught to believe that the bigger the weights, the bigger the muscles. This is so far from the truth! As women, we don’t naturally build muscle very easily, and it takes a lot of time and nutrition to make composition changes. I think we have come a long way, especially with the younger generation, but I continue to educate my clients and others through social media to help stop this myth.”

WILMA: How would you describe your fitness philosophy?
McAbee: “My philosophy has always been around building women up! I want you to be the best version of yourself. I coach clients to help them meet their goals but also make sure that aesthetics are not the only focus. We push ourselves to be stronger with each workout.”

WILMA: What does your workout routine look like?
McAbee: “Each program is for four weeks. We focus on the same workouts because this allows us to work on the fundamental movements and build strength and progress. Monday through Friday’s workouts consist of a total body with an emphasis on glutes except for Thursdays we focus on just the booty.”

WILMA: What are some tips you have for women looking to start strength training?
McAbee: “I would encourage them to get a trainer or join a group to learn the fundamental strength movements. I think the intimidation factor stops most women from lifting weights. If a trainer is not an option, then I would research an online program that allows you to follow and track your workouts. In strength training, following a plan is very important.”

Here is a bodyweight total body with glute emphasis workout. If you are more advanced, you can add weights to any of these exercises.


  • Squat 10-20 repetitions
  • Push-ups 5-10 repetitions
  • Plank 30-60 seconds


  • Single-Leg Deadlift 10-20 repetitions per side
  • Glute bridges 20 repetitions
  • Ring row 8-12 repetitions

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